NBC Broadcasts More 'Dear Congress' Attack Tweets, But Tweeters Also Scold Obama, Toss Vulgar Tweets at GOP

October 4th, 2013 8:26 PM

On Friday night's NBC Nightly News, reporter Kelly O’Donnell and producer Shawna Thomas brought out more tweets addressed to its “Dear Congress” hashtag. It’s a little fun now to see what other tweets these Twitter correspondents are posting.

A “MrKristoff” was quoted for tweeting “@johnboehner Enough already. Stop claiming to speak for American people & start Listening. #DearCongress”. But right next to that was a vulgar attack on that "monster with no soul" Ted Cruz:

And there was an attack on Mitt Romney as a “loser” (and perhaps a “lunatic” as well?)

Elizabeth Roberts was also quoted: “#DearCongress I don't care whose fault it is as far as I'm concerned you've all failed. Grow up and figure it out.”

But she also wrote in disgust to the White House (not an NBC theme):

And she wrote the Today show against anti-gun rights bias: