NBC ‘Misinformation’ Reporter DESTROYED for Downplaying Claudine Gay

December 22nd, 2023 1:24 PM

As the in-house ‘misinformation’ expert at NBC, Ben Collins peddles enough falsehoods to kill a fully grown African bull elephant. On Thursday when Ben took to X (formerly Twitter) to whine that some media outlets were actually covering the plagiarism scandal plaguing Harvard president Claudine Gay, commentators from across the political spectrum united to rake him over the coals.


Nate Silver Blames Midwest Republicans for Polling Industry Failures

November 22nd, 2020 1:11 PM

One of the big takeaways from the 2020 election cycle was that the polling industry had no idea what it was doing and was gaslighting the American people with lies about a massive groundswell for Democrats at all levels. And few in the polling industry has the ears of more liberal prognosticators that Nate Silver, the founder of analytical firm FiveThirtyEight. In his Sunday appearance on ABC’…

Nate Silver: No Strong Evidence Russians Swung 2016 Election

February 23rd, 2020 11:56 AM
The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! That is what most of the media want you to believe about the 2020 election. This explains the recent spate of reports about the Russians attempting to hack the results of the upcoming election just as they supposedly did with the 2016 election despite no solid proof.  And among those who saw no real proof of Russian influence on the 2016 election…

NY Times Quickly Repents, Changes Headline Under Lefty Pressure

August 6th, 2019 11:02 AM
The New York Times went to press for Tuesday’s print edition with the banner headline “Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism.” But that accurate summation of what President Trump said about the mass murders in El Paso and Dayton did not please the left on Twitter, which demanded “context” about Trump actually being a racist demagogue. And the Times, which relies on the left for its readership, swiftly…

Nate Silver: ‘There Really Was a Liberal Media Bubble’

March 10th, 2017 7:44 PM
Nate Silver, editor-and-chief of fivethirtyeight.com, a polling analysis and prediction website, had a rough Election Night, as his final odds favoring a Hillary Clinton victory were wrecked by reality. Yet, Silver was relatively less wrong about the presidential election results than most other outlets (including his former colleagues at the New York Times and mocking liberal Ryan Grim at the…

Nate Silver Explains How MSM Helped Hillary Lose Election

February 7th, 2017 8:54 PM
Sometimes your best friends can inadvertently become your worst enemies. Such was the case of Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media according to Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight. Most observant people knew that the MSM was all in for Hillary this past election to the extent of acting like cheerleaders for her. So instead of cautioning Hillary when Donald Trump made exactly the right moves to win…

After Trump Tweet, Bitter Silver Posts Nuclear Survival Electoral Map

December 26th, 2016 10:46 PM
Nate Silver has been the establishment press's designated polling hero since 2008, when he correctly predicted the outcome of that year's presidential contest in 49 of 50 states. He also had a great year in 2012, predicting all 50 states' presidential preference results. This year's election? Not so much. Donald Trump won, and Silver is not handling it well. In fact, he's violated one of the…

538 Analyst Eats 'Humble Pie' Over Bernie Sanders Win in Michigan

March 9th, 2016 10:22 AM
According to our final polls-plus forecast, Hillary Clinton had a greater than 99% chance of winning the Michigan primary. ---FiveThirtyEight, 3:43 PM EST, March 8, 2016. Oops! Or rather, a massive OOPS!!! The FiveThirtyEight blog is considered to be the gold (or rather silver since its founder is Nate Silver) standard in election predictions. So when it is so wildly off the mark as happened…

Barely News: Nevada GOP Caucuses' Turnout More Than Doubles 2012

February 24th, 2016 10:33 AM
Yesterday morning, before the Republican Party's Nevada caucuses began, Nate Silver at the inexplicably hallowed FiveThirtyEight blog made a really naive and tone-deaf assumption. He reckoned that the caucuses would be a low turnout event, noting that in 2012, "only 1.9 percent of the voting-eligible population — about 33,000 people — participated in the Republican caucuses in Nevada," and spent…

Nate Silver Falsely Claims Turnout Was Down in 'Almost Every' State

November 6th, 2014 5:50 PM
Wednesday afternoon, supposed polling genius Nate Silver tweeted that "Turnout was down from 2010 in almost every state." Silver's readers and clients had better hope that Silver is usually better at counting — and analysis (HT Twitchy):

MSNBC Uses Term 'Impeachment' More Than Four Times as Often as Fox New

July 31st, 2014 9:25 PM
Judging from reports carried by the three mainstream networks' news programs and most of the low-rated cable news channels, it seems that the Fox News Channel and conservative Republicans are totally consumed by the concept of impeaching Democratic President Barack Obama. However, a Lexis-Nexis search of transcripts from the July programs on FNC and MSNBC indicated that for every mention of…

Laughable: Soledad O'Brien Thinks Nate Silver 'Doesn't Have a Liberal

November 6th, 2012 12:11 PM
Former Daily Kos blogger Nate Silver turned heads with his Obama-friendly election predictions in the New York Times, but CNN's Soledad O'Brien thinks his conclusions show no bias. Of course, the liberal CNN anchor just might have a blind spot for poll numbers favoring Obama. "Nate Silver is very careful about focusing on the numbers. And he doesn't have a liberal bias in his calculations,…

NYT Poll Analyst Silver Sees Golden Path for Obama; Arrogant Krugman L

November 5th, 2012 10:11 AM
As Election Day draws closer, the New York Times's young star poll analyst Nate Silver (pictured) becomes more and more confident of an Obama win. As of Monday morning, his blog fixed Obama as having a 86.3% chance of winning re-election. Monday morning Silver posted this on Twitter: "Obama unlikely to win by anything like his post-DNC margins. But Romney has no momentum, Obama's state…

NYTimes Poll Analyst Nate Silver Offers to Bet $2,000 on Obama Win, Ch

November 2nd, 2012 2:14 PM
New York Times star poll analyst Nate Silver continues giving hope to Democrats, and he's getting more confident in an Obama victory as the election draws closer, pegging Obama's odds of victory at around 75%. After a heated debate on MSNBC's Morning Joe, the normally mild-mannered Silver offered via Twitter on Thursday to bet host Joe Scarborough $2,000 that Obama would win, which drew some…