In the wake of President Trump’s wild press conference in the lobby of Trump Tower, the Big Three Networks put extra focus on Trump, along with questions about how he views race in the United States. So come Wednesday, NBC Nightly News aired a report where they sat down with a self-described white nationalist to hear him sing the praises of the President. In contrast, CBS Evening News held a small focus group where they spoke with three Republican women, two black and one white, who defended Trump.

Not since Ross Perot in 1996 has a third-party presidential candidate polled as strongly as Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is right now — he’s currently averaging more than eight percent, according to RealClearPolitics. At the same time, other polls show record levels of voter disapproval for the Democratic and Republican nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In spite of this, the broadcast network evening newscasts are essentially blacking out the existence of alternatives to Clinton and Trump — a potentially fatal blow to candidates who are required to average 15 percent support to qualify for the upcoming presidential debates.

Andrea Mitchell decided to stump for Hillary Clinton Thursday afternoon on MSNBC by having reporter Jacob Soboroff, once again, pal around with Hillary’s volunteers as they try to get out the vote. Soboroff linked up with a Hillary volunteer in Nevada as she went door-to-door, but it was no average supporter of Hillary. “Jessica is one of scores of volunteers undocumented for the campaigns here, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton,” Soboroff reported.