CBS Unsure If It’s ‘In the Public Interest’ to Discuss BBC Sex Scandal

July 13th, 2023 5:20 PM

Thursday’s CBS Mornings became the first broadcast network flagship newscast to cover a scandal rocking the British press as legendary BBC News anchor (known as “presenter” across the Pond) Euw Edwards was named Wednesday (by his wife) as the mystery BBC journalist who allegedly paid a young boy for sexually explicit images starting when he was 17 years old. But instead of denouncing…


CBS, NBC Blame Israel for Having ‘Triggered’ ‘Cycle of Violence’

January 31st, 2023 12:49 PM

On Tuesday, the broadcast networks used their flagship morning news shows to continue emphasizing their disdain for Israel and the Israeli people, blaming them and the “hardest right government in [their] history” for having “triggered” the latest “cycle of violence” with a “” on the “occupied West Bank”.


CBS Freaks Over ‘Far Right’ Helping Netanyahu Return to Power

November 3rd, 2022 2:59 PM

Thursday’s CBS Mornings lived up to the liberal media’s deep-seated disdain for longtime Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu as election returns from Israel’s fifth election in four years appeared to put Netanyahu on a path to return to his post as prime minister after nearly a year and a half out of power. Over the course of the nearly two-minute hit, CBS bemoaned his “right-wing…


Joe Who? ABC Avoids Biden’s Name on ‘Sad,’ ‘Hungry’ Afghanistan

August 15th, 2022 12:26 PM

ABC on Monday avoided the words “Joe Biden” while recounting one year of Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Reporter Ian Pannell lamented how “sad,” “isolated” and “hungry” the country has become in the wake of the takeover, but never mentioned the President who presided over the collapse. NBC and CBS Didn’t do much better, saying Biden’s name just once each. 


Nets Unfazed By Biden PROMISE to Abandon Americans (AGAIN) in Ukraine

February 11th, 2022 8:25 PM

In an apparent attempt to not repeat the bad optics and moral travesty of failing to get Americans out of Afghanistan by an arbitrary/self-imposed deadline, President Biden has decided to simply not try to get Americans out of Ukraine at all if Russia invades. And almost as shocking, the liberal broadcast networks, who were actually tough on Biden’s abandonment a few months ago, didn’t share…


Corrupt CBS Pins Racist Soccer Hate in England on Conservative PM

July 13th, 2021 11:49 AM

It’s not just American conservatives that the corrupt journalists at CBS This Morning try and slime as racist. British Conservative Boris Johnson is, apparently, responsible for the racist trolls on Twitter who spewed vile attacks at England’s soccer team after a heartbreaking loss in the European championship. That’s the implication from reporter Imtiaz Tyab, anyway.


Networks Censor Palestinian Extremists HUNTING Jews on U.S. Streets

May 19th, 2021 9:39 PM

Over the course of the week, there were numerous stories about “pro-Palestinian” (essentially pro-Hamas) mobs gathering around the country to “protest” the ongoing conflict in Israel devolving into wild hunts for Jewish Americans. And despite the fact these heinous acts were incited by the Hamas sympathizers in “The Squad,” none of the attacks were given airtime on ABC, CBS, and NBC’s morning…


CBS Blames Israel for the Conflict, Pushes Misinformation on Evictions

May 17th, 2021 8:52 PM

On Monday, CBS Evening News continued its unholy crusade against the Jewish state of Israel by blaming them for the conflict and pushing misinformation about the evictions in East Jerusalem.  It came as the network was still using Gaza casualty numbers provided by the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry, and they scoffed at the idea that Israel’s airstrikes were “surgical.”


CBS Skips Israeli Boy Killed by Hamas Rocket, Blames Violence on Jews

May 12th, 2021 8:42 PM

This week, a five-year-old boy in Sderot, Israel was killed after a Hamas rocket broke through the Iron Dome defense system and blew up his family’s house. His death went unreported on the CBS Evening News that night, even after NewsBusters called them out on Tuesday for underreporting Israeli casualties. On top of that, none of the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, or NBC) retracted…


CBS Decries Trump Stockpiling Glass Vials for American COVID Vaccines

July 9th, 2020 10:28 PM

Since the early days of the pandemic, CBS News has repeatedly suggested the Trump administration was not taking coronavirus seriously and was doing next to nothing to address it. But on Thursday CBS Evening News was disgusted after learning that the administration was in the process of stockpiling glass vials in anticipation of a vaccine. On top of that, they omitted how the…


Nets Thrilled by Kids Skipping School for Global Climate 'Strike'

September 20th, 2019 9:32 AM

The three major broadcast networks spent time promoting radical environmental activism on Friday’s morning broadcasts. Teens and children conducted a global “strike” this morning against climate change ahead of a United Nations summit on the subject. ABC, NBC and CBS couldn’t get enough of the youths' liberal activism, gushing about the kids as young as 9 years old walking out of school to “…


CBS & NBC Play Footsie With Iran, Tout Terrorist Regime Sliming U.S.

August 19th, 2019 5:06 PM

Both CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today show on Friday boasted of exclusive interviews with top Iranian officials eager to attack the United States and condemn international sanctions against the terrorism-sponsoring regime. Rather than show their journalists pressing Iran’s leaders on the authoritarian nation’s criminal behavior, the network reports instead offered pure propaganda.