Here Comes the Pivot: Nets Begin to Turn on Israel Due to ‘Apocalyptic Scenes in Gaza’

October 12th, 2023 2:44 PM

To the shock of absolutely no one who’s paid attention to liberal media bias for even a few years, the liberal media started to make their pivot Thursday morning against Israel following Saturday’s mass terror and slaughter by Hamas terrorists and toward sympathizing with Palestinians as Israeli forces begin carrying out a heavy response.

So, bring on the sob stories and false equivalencies!



Thursday’s CBS Mornings had foreign correspondent Imtiaz Tyab peddle Palestinian propaganda, fretting that Israel has engaged in “relentless” strikes on the Gaza Strip. Amid disturbing images of crying and distraught children, he huffed:

In Gaza, it’s the youngest who are paying the ultimate price. Tiny bodies covered in blood as exhausted doctors try to save their lives. Israel says it’s targeting Hamas leaders, but at what cost? The death toll in the besieged Palestinian territory has surged past 1,000 in just five days, and on nearly every street, scenes of anguish as rescue workers gathered the remains of the dead. The sorrow here is so intense this woman collapses to the ground. 

Taking aim at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Tyab bemoaned the “complete blockade of Gaza, meaning Israel won’t allow food, fuel, or water in until Israeli abductees are returned home” “despite fierce international criticism.”

Tyab pinned the Palestinians’s misery on Israel since the latter’s response to the former’s atrocities “are...only amplifying the misery of the more than two million people who live there.”

Tossing to a college student painting Israel as engaging in a “genocide” to “wip[e] out” Palestinians, Tyab continued: “Over half are under the age of 18, just children who have no say in Hamas's brutal assault on southern Israel but who are losing everything, says university student, Efafa Maderd.”

Tyab returned in the show’s second hour and bemoaned Israel “batter[ing] Gaza with airstrikes hitting schools, hospitals, and residential areas” and “Palestinian officials say[ing] the Strip faces a humanitarian catastrophe.”

ABC’s Good Morning America also had their part to play. Co-host Robin Roberts knocked Israel off the top of the show: “Biden reaffirming his support [for Israel], but saying he told Netanyahu that Israel has to operate according to the rules of war, emphasizing that there are rules of war, even amid all the anger.”

Foreign correspondent James Longman warned: “The situation in Gaza is getting increasingly desperate” because of Israel’s “relentless bombardment” with “vulnerable women and children inside Gaza.”

“Apocalyptic scenes in Gaza this morning as whole districts are wiped out and entire neighborhoods destroyed by Israeli bombs. This man in Gaza saying they killed our children and killed us. ‘We don't know where to go,’” he added.

He continued while talking over footage released by Gazan media. Of course, Longman made no mention of Hamas’s long-held posture of using its people as human shields and housing officials and weapons in places such as hospitals and schools. (click “expand”):

LONGMAN: Now, more than 1,300 people killed in Gaza and at least 6,000 injured. The health ministry said most hurt are women an children. The images graphic, disturbing to see. Young patients rushed in by car and ambulance, families desperate to get help, hospitals overwhelmed as officials warn they’re now working at full capacity and there is no place for the wounded from Israeli air strikes to be treated.

PALESTINIAN HEALTH OFFICIAL: My feelings is that the Palestinian health system has less than a week before it collapses. All supplies are running short.

LONGMAN: The bombardment comes in the wake of Hamas militants’s unprecedented terror attack that killed more than 1,200 Israelis with dozens more abducted. The government declaring war, promising to destroy Hamas’s military capabilities.

HAMZA IBRAHIM: That’s life for us in Gaza. Every minute and every second we — we lose friends, our loved — our member of our family.

LONGMAN: Gaza is under total siege. Nothing is going in. No food, no fuel, no water.


LONGMAN. [T]he United Nations says there is a looming water crisis. Infrastructure is badly damaged and because there's no electricity, water pumps and desalination plants just can't function.

Naturally, he repeated much of this in the second hour for emphasis.

NBC’s Today had chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel throw in a few lines on his lead-off report, fretting “there’s nowhere to run” for Gazans as they’re “cut off with no way in or out” with Israel having “cut the power and water.”

“[C]asualties are mounting. One video, that is very disturbing, shows a baby pulled from the rubble and motionless. American Dr. Barbara Zind was in Gaza on a humanitarian mission, and now, she's not a hostage but she can't get out,” he fretted.

Exit question: Why won’t any of these journalists explain why none of the Arab countries in the region — including next door Egypt — want to take in Palestinians?

To see the relevant transcripts from October 12, click here (for ABC), here (for CBS), and here (for NBC).