Just when it seemed that the ongoing sexual misconduct scandals involving dozens of men in Hollywood, the Democratic Party and the government had finally run its course, Minnesota Public Radio President Jon McTaggart released a statement on Wednesday, January 24, to counter accusations made by Garrison Keillor, the long-time host of the popular program A Prairie Home Companion.

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) fired famous radio personality Garrison Keillor over “allegations of his inappropriate behavior with an individual who worked with him,” on Nov. 29, 2017. MPR has been funded by multiple liberals including George Soros and the Ford Foundation.

The sexual-harassment allegations inside public radio continue to reverberate. On Wednesday, Minnesota Public Radio announced they would “cut all business ties” with snobbish liberal public-radio legend Garrison Keillor – a year after he retired from his show A Prairie Home Companion – as they investigate a report of "inappropriate behavior" by Keillor involving someone who worked with him on his show.

Recently retired NPR star Garrison Keillor may have stepped away from A Prairie Home Companion, but he rages weekly against President Trump as a columnist for The Washington Post. This week, he joined the cavalcade of Democrat hypocrites who suddenly want a military junta to take the government away from Trump before he vaporizes tens of millions of people.

Good news, America! You no longer have to pay Garrison Keillor to sneer at you. After his 30-city “America the Beautiful” tour, the Prairie Home Companion radio host is retiring for good (and good riddance). His tour should have been called “America the Liberal.”

Keillor is a malicious parasite who spent his career soaking up federal funding through NPR while wrapping his off-the-shelf anti-American leftism in a cloying Midwestern folksiness.

So, if you’re not one of Keillor’s 4 million listeners worldwide, count yourself lucky, and enjoy these top five ridiculous quotes from the man himself.

Mike Gonzalez at the Heritage Foundation tweeted about this whopper of a claim from NPR personality Garrison Keillor, speaking on his daily podcast/broadcast “Writer’s Almanac” on Monday. He said, “According to the Earth Day Network, Earth Day is celebrated – observed in some form by a billion people every year.”

How exactly do these activists claim that wild number? Keillor seems to be exaggerating a little on the “every year” part. The Environment News Service began a report: “What started in 1970 as a teach-in about the environment has expanded year by year until Earth Day actions this year include more than one billion people in some 192 countries.”

On the popular radio show A Prairie Home Companion this weekend, NPR star Garrison Keillor sang a different version of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town." It had a slightly different melody, and mocked Newt Gingrich, without naming him. Keillor sang: "Don’t think a sense of style conceals your escapades / Don’t vote to impeach Bill Clinton while shacking up with Congressional aides." Gingrich was cheating on his second wife (with his eventual third wife) at that time in 1998.

Keillor also sang that Santa is watching for who is "beating up on" gays or minorities. There's nothing wrong with opposing physical violence or mean-spirited bullying -- but with NPR, you'd have to suspect Keillor is implying a broader argument about conservative arguments against gay marriage or "affirmative action." Keillor sang:

Ben Smith at Politico reports that in her new book, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann goes out of her way to praise Garrison Keillor, the arrogant liberal host of A Prairie Home Companion on NPR. This is the guy that wrote for Time magazine that "The Republicans are going to be the Party That Canceled the Clean Air Act and Took Hot Lunches from Children, the Orphanage Party of Large White Men Who Feel Uneasy Around Gals."

How would Bachmann process that one? She oozed in the book: “His politics are very different from mine, but I love his gentle, knowing humor. Keillor understands Minnesota, from Lutherans to lutefisk, and his ability to squeeze laughs out of serious-minded midwesterners makes him a legend.”

National Public Radio is right to defend itself against charges of Nazism leveled at the radio station by Fox News chief Roger Ailes, who has since apologized for the remark. But NPR decided to make the leap from defending the station to attacking Fox News as uniquely disposed to Nazi comparisons, an absurd claim on its face.

There are commentators on both sides of the political spectrum who routinely prove Godwin right. But being the predictably-liberal news outlet that it is, NPR invoked vague claims by far-left Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank (neither his ideological leanings nor the multitude of his most recent baseless Fox accusations are mentioned) to paint FNC as unique in its invocation of Nazism.

Garrison Keillor thinks lousy holiday songs written by Jewish guys trash up America's malls every year.

So wrote the public radio host and satirist in an article at Wednesday's Baltimore Sun called "Nonbelievers, Please Leave Christmas Alone."

Given the rabid anti-Semitism in the following paragraph, one has to wonder how this piece managed to not only got published, but also escape media outrage (h/t InstaPundit via Big Hollywood):

Public-radio host Garrison Keillor isn’t just convinced that NPR saves the lives of outraged right-wingers in heavy traffic. He also believes that socialists are the forces of Christmas, and for conservatives to oppose the nationalization of health care is just like opposing the message of Christmas.

Public-radio broadcaster/merchandiser/multi-millionaire Garrison Keillor answered "Ten Questions" for Time magazine, none of them challenging to his liberal pomposity. Only one turned political: