In WashPost Column, Retired NPR Star 'Looking for Generals to Save Us From Democracy'

August 25th, 2017 6:54 AM

Recently retired NPR star Garrison Keillor may have stepped away from A Prairie Home Companion, but he rages weekly against President Trump as a columnist for The Washington Post. This week, he joined the cavalcade of Democrat hypocrites who suddenly want a military junta to take the government away from Trump before he vaporizes tens of millions of people:

And now, a new anxiety that our history has not prepared us for, a fear that we have elected George III to the presidency and we may not survive three and a half more years of his madness. For the first time in our history, we are looking to generals to save us from democracy.

We Democrats bear some responsibility. Hillary Clinton was a symbolic candidate with a nice résumé who lacked the ability to connect with voters. This is a fatal flaw. She was almost beaten in the primaries by an elderly Vermont socialist. The party, bitterly divided, stuck to symbolism and tried to elect the First Woman President, though most women were not enthused about her. The party apparatus assumed she had to win. Who could possibly lose to an invincibly ignorant blowhard New York developer with a peroxide ducktail? As it turned out, she could.

And now we think about the man picking up the red phone instead of Twitter and ordering fire and fury like the world has never seen and the death of 10 million people. We trust the order will be disobeyed, a de facto military coup, and the man will be packed off to Walter Reed and what then?

We've never been here before. A fourth of the population will approve of anything the king does, including my cousin, a godly man who believes the king will safeguard Christians against a liberal elite that is out to confiscate their Bibles. On the paranoia spectrum, this is just below the fear that invisible beams from the microwave may force you to eat toilet cleaner. Evidently my cousin is not getting the uninterrupted sleep he needs.

So Gary can panic that Trump is going to casually annihiliate ten million humans like he's sending an angry tweet against Anderson Cooper, but he thinks someone else is on the "paranoia spectrum."