During an appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, Ali Wentworth, wife of Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos, flashed her breasts to the late night host and his audience. Wentworth said she decided to flash the audience after she saw Miley Cyrus do the same in the previous segment. Stephanopoulos’ wife described how she and Cyrus “just bumped into each other” and they both exposed their breasts to each other. 

Less than a month after being forced to apologize for a conflict of interest, George Stephanopoulos's Good Morning America on Monday devoted almost seven minutes of air-time to aggressively promoting the new book from the journalist's wife. Co-host Robin Roberts interviewed Ali Wentworth for six minutes and 39 seconds. In contrast, the latest details on the massive hack from the Chinese government against the U.S. warranted a scant 21 seconds. 

In the wake of the ongoing controversy surrounding ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos and his failure to disclose $75,000 worth of donations to the Clinton Foundation, and now news of his $105-million contract with the network, Politico decided to tout the “frugal habits of his wife,” actress Ali Wentworth. 

"Tonight - is monogamy killing marriage? If you let your spouse stray, will they stay? Rethinking wedded bliss in the 21st century."

Believe it or not, that's how "Larry King Live" began on CNN Tuesday.

Filling in for King was Ali Wentworth, comedienne, actress, and wife of ABC's George Stephanopoulos who in February did a striptease on the set of "Good Morning America" for her husband's 49th birthday.

The topic of discussion Tuesday: "Should couples have open relationships and disclose affairs? Could letting your man sleep with another woman actually help your relationship?"

In case you were wondering, the following aired at 9PM EDT (video follows with transcript and commentary):

On Thursday’s The View on ABC, as the group hosted former USDA official Shirley Sherrod to talk about her experience of being fired by the Obama administration, after co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck got her to address comments she had made before the NAACP in which she accused Republicans of challenging President Obama on health care reform because he is black, co-host Joy Behar went on a tirade charging that the Bush administration "did not give a damn about poor people and everybody knows it," and suggested that President Bush was also indifferent to the black population as she declared that Obama "does give a damn about black people." Behar:

But I wanted to support what Shirley said before, which is that during the Bush administration, you had tax cuts for the wealthiest, and he did not, that whole administration did not give a damn about poor people and everybody knows it. That's why Obama was elected in the first place. I mean, even now, the Republicans are blocking an extension of unemployment insurance, and yet they're okay with tax cuts to the wealthy. Let me finish! So, now you have Obama in office, and he does give a damn about black people.

On Wednesday’s Good Morning America on ABC, after she talked about her latest film, It’s Complicated, actress Ali Wentworth subjected husband and new GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos to some jabs as she and co-anchor Robin Roberts spent a few minutes talking about him. Wentworth joked that as they were about to meet for the first time for a blind date, "I knew who he was and wasn’t interested ... I don't even think I took a shower that day, honey, sorry."

She further teased her husband by revealing that he cried at the end of the film Enchanted, and by recounting that the entire family sleeps together with the family dog. Wentworth: "We all sleep in the same bed. There, I'm just going to say it. Parent magazine can come after us. So, it's me, George, the two girls, and our dog, Charlie. And so, when we wake up in the morning, we're usually covered in pee, and we don't know whose it is."

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Wednesday, December 23, Good Morning America on ABC:

Wednesday’s post-inaugural edition of The Oprah Winfrey Show, taped at a Washington restaurant, overflowed with strange and messianic notions about Obama and how the thrill over him is unanimous. Actor Forest Whitaker summed it up for Oprah: "The light of the New Age is here." Oprah pal Gayle King passed along her agreement with a message that "Not only does he hear us. He feels us. That when I hear Barack Obama, they said, he talks to my soul." Whitaker also strangely claimed "we’re not used to seeing" a president and a First Lady who love each other, but the Obamas have signaled "it’s okay to love."

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin strangely claimed it was "extraordinary" to have a president care about history, and told the audience Obama said to her in 2007 he’s not getting the presidency to be Millard Fillmore, but to be great like Lincoln. Ali Wentworth, the wife of George Stephanopoulos, painted an incredible picture of a massive gospel choir on the subway system en route to the festivities: "I took the Metro, and everyone was singing ‘Amazing Grace’ on the Metro."