Politico Touts ‘Frugal Habits’ of George Stephanopoulos’s Wife

In the wake of the ongoing controversy surrounding ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos and his failure to disclose $75,000 worth of donations to the Clinton Foundation, and now news of his $105-million contract with the network, Politico decided to tout the “frugal habits of his wife,” actress Ali Wentworth. 

Author Kate Glassman Bennett writes that “as word spread of the beleaguered Good Morning America anchor’s exorbitant take — following on criticism of his $75,000 of ill-conceived donations to the Clinton Foundation — certain circles back here in Washington were twittering about the frugal habits of his wife.”

Despite being a multimillionaire, Bennett finds the news that Wentworth would hold yard sales for her wealthy friends quite charming: 

Wentworth, according to those friendly with her during the five years she and Stephanopoulos were based in D.C., from 2005 to 2010, was popular for her yard sales, wherein she would invite people to go through her impressive collection of designer duds, “dresses, purses, jewelry — you name it,” according to one social swan who shopped at the couple’s Georgetown manse. The email-blasted invitations encouraged Georgetown friends to stop by and root through her closets and clothes laid out inside the house.

The piece goes on to promote how Wentworth, despite having millions of dollars, is known for “haggling” over the price of high-end products: 

Unlike most well-to-do Washingtonians, who practice “stealth wealth,” rarely showing off their status and quietly shipping out-of-moment clothes to high-end consignment stores like Inga’s Once Is Not Enough, Wentworth was an unabashed overlord at her own sales, reportedly haggling with potential customers over how much she could get for each Prada bag or Halston dress, right down to the dollar.  “She was going for the best price; she wanted every penny,” says another attendee, impressed with Wentworth’s bargaining skills.

The piece does note that Wentworth "doesn't skimp" when it comes to things like home decorating, but given Stephanopoulos’ recent financial controversies it’s nice to know that Politico found time to make the uber-wealthy couple as down-to-earth as possible as it promotes the “frugal habits” of one Ali Wentworth. 

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