In one of the fastest Twitter takedowns in recent memory, Saturday Night Live fired comedian Shane Gillis only four days after hiring him due to the complaints of internet users who dug up video of the comedian making insensitive comments, particularly about Chinese people.

On Joy Reid's MSNBC show Saturday morning, MSNBC contributor Anand Giridharadas says that Joe Biden is a subtle racist who "has to drop out." He focused on Biden's statement from this past week's debate in which he suggested that black parents lack parenting skills. 

Billionaire rapper and husband to Beyonce Jay-Z has drummed up social justice angst for recently surfaced video of him claiming that communities with missing fathers are more prone to violence toward the police. Well, no duh. However, in progressive circles, this is one of the most offensive things he could have said. What self-respecting progressive could ever admit that cops might be occasionally mistreated? Or that fathers could possibly be important?


For a group of entertainment producers who kill to come off as condescendingly woke, ‘SNL’ showrunners look super inept for hiring an apparent racist as one of their new cast members. One of the sketch comedy’s new talents has been labeled a racist by CNN journalists for making fun of Chinese people in 2018. SNL is in an even deeper pickle because another new cast member for the upcoming season is actually Chinese.

“I’m clearly the beneficiary of white privilege,” Chelsea Handler announces in the trailer to her new Netflix special. “I want to know how to be a better white person to people of color.” Arriving Friday, Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea. features yet another rich white celebrity presuming the rest of us are racist rubes and lecturing us on how we should live our lives.

New York Times political reporter Astead Herndon’s “Political Memo” Wednesday hails from a Trump rally in Fayetteville, N.C., on Monday (in the district that held a special congressional election won by Republican Dan Bishop the next day), under a loaded headline that suggested both Trump and his rallygoers were racist: “To Message of Racial Division and Fear, Crowd Responds With Cheers.” Reporter Annie Karni laid out similar tropes to characterize Trump’s speech to a conference commemorating black colleges and universities, in this case inserting racial allegations where none were brought up: “Trump Glosses Over Taunts to Focus on Black Gains.”

Tuesday on The View, the hosts spun a comment President Trump made about criminals entering the U.S., as another example of how Trump hated black people. While answering a reporter’s question about hurricane refugees, he warned we had to be careful about letting in “very bad people” such as “drug dealers” and “gang members” into the country. View co-host Whoopi Goldberg complained that this was clearly a racist statement about everyone who lived in the Bahamas.

It was an anti-Trump statistic beloved by the liberal media. According to a study pushed by CNN, The Washington Post, and many others, President Trump’s 2016 campaign rallies caused a 226 percent spike in hate crimes in the areas they were held. Of course, the liberal media would run with that statistic. It fit their narrative perfectly: Racist Trump inspires his racist supporters to commit racist crimes.

This summer, President Donald Trump has awarded two former NBA greats — Bob Cousy of Celtics' fame and Jerry West of Lakers' fame — the Medal of Freedom. Cousy received his award a couple months back, and West was honored Thursday. Trump did not make the awards without reaping derision from the New York Times, which notes that both men are white and President Trump seems to have issues with current African American NBA players. The Times' writers Michael Crowley and Kevin Draper caught heat from Powerline blogger Paul Mirengoff for their inconsistencies, too.

In 1963, racist Democrat governor George Wallace stood in the doorway of a building at the University of Alabama trying to prevent African Americans from integrating the school. In 2019, race-baiting Atlantic magazine writer Jemele Hill is encouraging black athletes to leave "white universities" and segregate themselves at historically black colleges and universities (HBCU's). Hill's story is titled, "It's Time for Black Athletes to Leave White Colleges."

Thursday night marks the opening of the 2019 NFL season in Chicago, and with it, the "swindling" of Colin Kaepernick’s protest movement is all but complete. That's the real story, says Jamil Smith in a Rolling Stone story charging the NFL and its new social justice partner, rapper Jay-Z, with watering down and profiting off Kaepernick's cause to protest police brutality and racial inequality.

Frequent race-baiter William C. Rhoden saw the retirement of the Indianapolis Colts white quarterback Andrew Luck as part of the decline of white privilege. In the opinion of The Undefeated's writer-at-large and author of Forty Million Dollar Slaves, Luck was a "hedge" against the rising wave of black passers. Luck played in a mere 86 games in a six-year pro career, but he's emblematic of an endless battle that has defined black life in America for 400 years, Rhoden alleges.