WATCH: CNBC Whines About Tech Companies Ending Woke DEI ‘Commitments’

December 29th, 2023 3:23 PM

CNBC Whines About Tech Companies Ending Woke DEI ‘Commitments’ The ineffectiveness and unprofitability of corporate wokeism is beginning to show, and the woke leftists at CNBC gave their biased disapproval.

Corporations such as Google and Meta are finally starting to scale back some of their ridiculous diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies, but not everyone is happy about it. CNBC journalist Jennifer Elias decided to complain about the tech companies’ recent DEI retreat in a piece she wrote and  on the December 22nd edition of Power Lunch. These policies, which the outlet claims were to combat “power imbalances in corporate America and the tech industry,” were described by CNBC as giving way to AI initiatives. Elias shuddered at the prospect of the newly limited policies. Spewing woke nonsense she said, “If diverse people are not included in AI development, that may result in even greater power imbalances for both corporate workers, as well as consumers who will use their products.” 



The CNBC journalist lamented that the policies that “are in retreat” include a drop in “DEI-related job postings” and a 90 percent DEI budget cut for some companies by mid-2023. While most people would consider these reasonable from a business perspective, Elias decried them as “broken promises” that the outlet had absurdly claimed could create “products [that] could be less accurate or more harmful to users,” especially AI.

Elias doubled down on her crazy ideas in her TV appearance. She mourned that large tech companies have supposedly shifted large amounts of funding from DEI to AI. She called it a “problem,” noting the companies are “slowing down on increasing representation and retaining the people that are so important to making these products for all different people of all different backgrounds.” She argued that this is wrong because “Google and Meta struggle with some of its image recognition technology in identifying Black people.” Unbelievable.

The CNBC piece rightfully gained a ton of criticism on social media. Consumers First Executive Director Will Hild commented in an X post that “DEI exists to be a jobs programs [sic] for otherwise unemployable mediocrities who ruin everything they touch. Everyone should cheer as they crash and burn.” Commentator Dinesh D’Souza explained in a similar vein that “DEI is far worse than contributing nothing to the bottom line. Such programs actually hurt the bottom line by fostering a toxic culture of bogus victimology: fake oppressors and fake victims.”




Conservatives are under attack. Contact CNBC at (877) 280-4548 or and demand that it stop shilling for the ridiculous DEI agenda.