The Republican National Committee (RNC) is currently having its annual winter meetings, and what better way for MSNBC to discuss its progress than to bring on two liberal reporters to discuss the gathering.

During her January 23 Jansing and Co. program, host Chris Jansing invited on no Republican to discuss the RNC meetings, instead opting to bring on MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid, who herself is a former Obama campaign operative, and The New York Times’ Nick Confessore -- no conservative he. Jansing began the segment by discussing abortion and concluded that a big part of the GOP strategy was “how to blunt the Democrats' successful ongoing narrative of the war on women.”

Less than 24-hours after former Governor Bob McDonnell (R-VA) was indicted on 14 charges including conspiracy and fraud, all three network morning shows immediately identified McDonnell as a Republican. While McDonnell’s potential crimes are serious, the media failed to uphold the same party ID standard when it involved a scandal plagued Democratic governor.

NBC led their January 22 coverage of the McDonnell scandal with Today host Savannah Guthrie introducing the segment by saying, “And now to that bombshell indictment of the former governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, a one-time rising star in the Republican Party.” ABC provided an on-screen graphic identifying McDonnell as a Republican and CBS This Morning’s Nancy Cordes said that “McDonnell was once considered a possible presidential contender for the GOP.”

In an online piece teased on the landing page as "Christie Dodged 'Bully' Bullet," Time’s Mark Halperin hyped his “EXCLUSIVE: Christie Rival Called Him ‘Bully’ In Unaired Ad.”

At issue in the January 20 piece is how State Sen. Barbara Buono produced an unaired anti-Christie ad in which the Democratic nominee for governor asserted that, “she clearly saw the very traits in Christie that have laid him low now.” The Time contributor and frequent MSNBC guest claimed in his piece that, "At the top of Buono’s list was the notion that Christie is a “bully” who lacks the temperament to be an effective leader."

We at NewsBusters have demonstrated over the years that the liberal media are all too eager to flog Republican scandals to death while ignoring or downplaying Democratic scandals. MSNBC contributor Jonathan Alter provided a case study of that bias during an appearance on Sunday’s episode of Disrupt with Karen Finney.

While discussing Chris Christie’s bridge controversy, Alter brought up the Obama administration’s IRS scandal. Said Alter to the host, a former Democratic National Committee communications director:

The liberal media seem to be having a field day with revelations that aides to Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.) closed lanes of the George Washington Bridge as payback for a Democratic mayor refusing to endorse Christie’s reelection bid for governor in 2013.

Following ABC, CBS and NBC’s lead, Morning Joe followed suit and hammered the popular Republican governor where host Joe Scarborough said that “knowing is absolutely devastating” and it "certainly ends a future on the national stage if he knew” of his aides’ actions.

Could you imagine The Washington Post leaping all over a Jeremiah Wright scandal for Obama in 2005, before he even announced for president? Neither would anyone else imagine such a political crib-strangling. But the Post is aping the rest of the liberal national media on Thursday morning by leaping all over Gov. Chris Christie. “Bridge scandal engulfing Christie,” was the breathless headline. “INCIDENT THREATENS N.J. GOVERNOR’S IMAGE.”

The Post also trashed Christie on the op-ed page (by liberal Jonathan Capehart) and on the front page of the Style section, which began “Chris Christie. [Shakes head.] What a disappointment. He purports to play in big leagues.” The partisan Post is on fire today.

In a taped interview with former Maryland Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich aired on Friday's MSNBC Daily Rundown, host Chuck Todd scolded the GOP for supposedly not making "any progress" in reaching out to minorities and women since the 2012 election, citing the party's  defeat in the 2013 Virginia governor's race: "You lost because the Democrats were able to essentially win social issues – used social issues as a wedge." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Ehrlich hit back: "But that's a euphemism, let's just call it what it is. It was scaring young women." Todd dismissed the accusation: "What campaigns aren't about scaring some voters?" He then went after Republicans: "Attacking health care is scaring voters, too." Ehlrich replied: "Attacking a dysfunctional health care is not scaring anybody. ObamaCare is scaring enough people."

Once again, a liberal at MSNBC has chosen to rewrite history by pretending that Republicans are the political party with a history of denying minorities the right to vote. Appearing on her daily MSNBC show, liberal co-host Krystal Ball went on a tirade against Republicans in Virginia claiming they are the “rightful heir to the Jim Crow legacy.”

Ms. Ball, who lost a landslide election in Virginia’s First Congressional district in 2010, used her “Krystal Ball” commentary segment to rail against the GOP in Virginia for trying to “rig the electorate” and have “damaged faith in a fair electoral process.” After complaining that Republicans have “purged nearly 40,000 voters from the rolls” Ball ridiculously argued that, “Republicans have seemingly sought maximum disenfranchisement at every stage of the process.”

MSNBC’s quasi-conservative darling Joe Scarborough seemed right at home as he guest-hosted ABC’s The View on November 12, walking on set arm-in-arm with Barbara Walters before taking aim squarely at folks who dare to be further on the right than he.

Appearing on the show Tuesday, Scarborough lambasted Republicans who were unhappy with Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.) for hugging President Obama after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, claiming that, “people that would judge Chris Christie because he hugged Barack Obama, first of all, they're too obsessed on hating Barack Obama.” [See video after jump. MP3 audio here.] 

On MSNBC's PoliticsNation, host Al Sharpton began the show with a segment in which he called Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli an "anti-woman crusader" and complained about "ugly words" and "venom and hate" after playing comments from conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh.

On the Wednesday's All In with Chris Hayes, MSNBC political analyst Joy Reid recalled that she was "fuming" during New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's reelection victory speech as she griped that the Republican governor "hypnotizes reporters" by appearing "so gosh darn every man."

She and host Hayes went on to complain that Christie had satisfied a "low bar" of being a Republican who does not "hate" President Obama.

After Hayes described himself as "angry" about the speech, Reid began:

CNN’s Candy Crowley, the worst debate moderator of 2012, disappointed liberals on Tuesday night by failing to see the Virginia election returns as proof that the Tea Party is fading away.

“This is clearly not some huge rejection of the Tea Party,” Crowley told Anderson Cooper shortly after 10 pm. (Transcript and video below.)