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More than a week after conducting an interview with president Barack Obama, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly claimed on Monday night he finds it “troubling” that the questions he asked had not been brought up before because “many in the media are protecting” the Democratic occupant of the White House.

“What the heck is the national press doing?” he asked in the opening segment of that night's edition of The O'Reilly Factor. He then charged the current media with being “the most docile we've ever had,” with the possible exception of those who covered John F. Kennedy during the days of “Camelot” in the early 1960s.

Reporting on Tuesday's White House state dinner featuring French president Francois Hollande, the CBS Evening News ignored the plummeting approval rating for his socialist policies.

CBS touched on the controversy of Hollande's affair and subsequent break-up with his partner, but ignored a poll showing over 70 percent of the French believing his taxes to be "excessive" and 80 percent calling his economic policy "misguided" and "inefficient." In addition, Hollande's approval rating has fallen below 20 percent for the first time.

The ABC World News cheered Tuesday's "breakthrough" debt deal with nary a mention of the rising national debt.

The House voted to raise the debt limit with no conditions, yet ABC cast the development as entirely positive. Correspondent Jeff Zeleny hailed the move as "a huge breakthrough for the dysfunction that really has held this capital hostage for nearly three years."

Arguing that "she is not the right person for this moment," former Democratic congressional candidate-turned-cable host Krystal Ball laid out her case in a February 11 post at for why Hillary Clinton should NOT run for president in 2016.

Oddly enough, part of the reason is "we are in a moment of existential crisis as a country." Given who is currently in the Oval Office, you'd think that would be a stunning indictment of the incumbent, but Ball doesn't seem to get that, explaining away Obama's woes by blaming it on, what else, corporate America (emphasis mine):

CNN's John Berman revealed on Monday's Anderson Cooper 360 that former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein is becoming the newest contributor to the cable news network. Berman turned to the liberal journalist for his analysis about the recent disclosure that Hillary Clinton once called Monica Lewinsky a "narcissistic looney toon."

Bernstein will be a good fit at the liberal network, which also just hired Obama supporter Michael Smerconish as a host. The Hillary Clinton biographer has a long history of slanting to the left. Here some of the most prominent examples of Bernstein's liberal bias from the archives of the Media Research Center: [video included below the jump for select quotes]

Uh, how is a "thing" murdered? The first of many questions that come to mind after left-wing radio host Mike Malloy's latest rant about the evils of capitalism.

Malloy has carved out quite a niche for himself among "progressives" -- too toxic for Air America Radio back before it went belly-up and actually to the left of Ed Schultz.  But the man deserves credit for his candor when it comes to capitalism -- he loathes it, as all committed socialists do -- and Malloy is not ashamed to say so, unlike many other socialists who are curiously reluctant to acknowledge their ideology. Instead, they call themselves Democrats. (Audio clips after the jump)

You had hoped it was just a fluke when she received so much national attention back in 2012, but sadly, no: Sandra Fluke has crystallized into a national icon, not just for birth control advocates, but for liberals in general. On Tuesday’s NewsNation on MSNBC, host Craig Melvin put Fluke in front of the cameras and helped to boost her fledgling campaign for the California Senate.

In setting up the interview, Melvin reminded his audience of how those mean House Republicans stopped Fluke from testifying at a hearing about ObamaCare’s contraception mandate in February 2012. He then dialed up the hype: “She later testified before a Democratic House panel about birth control coverage and the rest is history.”


The liberal Chris Matthews on Monday night mocked Ben Carson for comparing the progressive movement to Nazis. However, Matthews isn't in a position to judge. He has repeatedly connected conservatives to Nazis. The cable host played a clip of the Fox News commentator at a fund-raising event for senatorial candidate Monica Wehby.

While talking about the progressive movement, Carson insisted, "There comes a time when people with values simply have to stand up. Think about Nazi Germany." Matthews sneered, "Haven't we all learned by now not to go there? No Nazi references." [See video below. MP3 audio here.] On November 26, 2012, guest Howard Fineman insisted that conservatives view African Americans and Hispanics as "extraterrestrial." Matthews derided, "The last guy to refer to the black auxiliary was Hitler."

The liberal media have made much of a recent United Nations committee report insisting that the Vatican needs to ditch centuries of orthodox Christian doctrine as part of its effort to combat child sex abuse.

But as Claudia Rosett of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies noted yesterday in an op-ed published February 10 in the Wall Street Journal, the UN has been curiously quiet about real abuses of children borne about by authoritarian regimes like the Saudi Arabia, Iran, and North Korea. You can read the full piece here. Here's a taste (emphasis mine):

On the D.C. NPR station WAMU this morning, they were promoting Al Gore in their winter membership drive. It was from a year-old interview with Diane Rehm. She said “And one of the words that has been applied to you for years and years has been the word, wonky.” Gore said “Well, I was afraid you were going to say, creepy...No, I plead guilty to being a wonky, wannabe geek.”

They literally pushed people to donate on the sheer appeal of more hours of Al Gore interviews. Amazingly, on this January 31, 2013 interview, an adoring caller suggested we could have prevented the mass murder of 9-11 if the government had implemented Al Gore’s suggested FAA reforms:

The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky has no qualms about his dislike, if not outright hatred, for Republicans especially the Tea Party. In a February 11 piece, Tomasky gleefully cheered that the “GOP caves on debt limit.”

Tomasky, who frequents MSNBC to rant about Republicans cheered the “huge Obama win” on a "clean" debt-ceiling vote, and proceeded to shame the GOP for demanding in the past that any debt ceiling increase be accompanied by some spending cuts.

Most of the media may be convinced by Al Gore-style climate alarmism, but CNBC’s Joe Kernen isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Joe Kernen, co-host of  “Squawk Box” called the inclusion of Former Vice President Al Gore on CNBC’s list of “Top Leaders, Icons and Rebels” both “stupid” and “ludicrous.” His Feb. 11, comments came after fellow co-host Andrew Ross Sorkin suggested that CNBC ought to include Gore on their “First 25” list for his contribution to global warming awareness.

(video after break)

During her MSNBC show on Monday, host Andrea Mitchell tried to dismiss unflattering revelations about Bill and Hillary Clinton found in a series of documents from a close confidante: "...they're some of the same headlines we read fifteen years ago. The latest 'breaking news,' quote, excerpts from an archive belonging to a close friend of Hillary Clinton, Diane Blair....So what is new here?" [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Mitchell directed that question to Time's Mark Halperin, who sneered: "...what we have so far, because we all need to go down and look at the original documents ourselves, are things out of context without corroboration, and it's not clear when she's – Diane Blair's quoting herself paraphrasing Hillary Clinton versus what Hillary Clinton said."

Feel that? Something “historic” and “important” just happened. It might even be a “teachable moment,” and it’s certainly therapeutic. Why, liberals will be able to like their country just little bit more. Come on people, feel the love! 

A potential fourth round NFL draft pick has declared his “own truth,” and come out as gay. Having taken the “courageous” step of joining society’s most trendy and celebrated grievance group, Missouri defensive end Michael Sam is now basking in the media adulation.

CNN president Jeff Zucker praised MSNBC guest host Michael Smerconish on Tuesday as he announced that the the cable news network would be giving the radio talk show host a weekly program: "We are thrilled to have Michael join CNN...At a time when the cable news landscape has become increasingly polarized, his independence and passion for reasoned dialogue makes him the perfect fit for CNN."

Smerconish's record, especially at MSNBC, actually does not point to independence, but liberalism. Here are the worst examples of the talker's slant to the left from the Media Research Center's archives: [video included below the jump for select quotes]