Not News: Tens of Thousands of Illegal Immigrant 'Children' Dispersed Throughout U.S.

The "Office of Refugee Resettlement" in the government's Department of Health and Human Services has released a county-by-county list of 29,890 unaccompanied children sent "to safe settings with sponsors (usually family members)." Year-to-date, the number, according to an HHS state-by-state list, is 37,477. This has occurred "while they await immigration proceedings."

Now that they're out in the general population, we're still supposed to believe that the majority of these "children" (more on that later) will ultimately be deported. After all, that's what White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said on July 7, specifically:

"It's our view that it's unlikely that most of these kids will qualify for humanitarian relief. If they don't qualify for humanitarian relief," Earnest said, "they will be sent back."


Sure they will.

Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner is about the only person who has noted the mass dispersal. In a Friday morning item, he also told readers how many deportations of unaccompanied children have taken place (bolds are mine throughout this post):

The Obama administration has released a huge majority of illegal immigrant children who poured over the U.S.-Mexico border earlier this year into dozens of tony counties without notifying the public, while deporting just 280, according to new reports.

The Health and Human Services Department released a list of 126 counties 29,890 of the kids were placed into, sometimes with their parents who are also in the United States illegally.

Those counties include some of the most exclusive in the nation, including the Washington suburbs of Fairfax and Loudoun in Virginia and Howard and Montgomery in Maryland. Fairfax received 1,023.

... The HHS statistics covered only January to July. Federal officials expect another huge surge of children from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to begin next week when the temperatures cool. One independent expert said that the second wave this year could include another 30,000 illegal children.

And next year could be even worse. Federal officials who predicted that 90,000 illegals immigrant children will enter the United States this year from Latin America are projecting that to increase to 142,000 next year.

Longtime immigration expert Jessica M. Vaughan said that the tiny number of deportations, which she cited in a report this week (link added by me. — Ed.), encourages illegal immigrants to rush into the United States believing that they will be able to stay.

Of course it does.

A Friday Investor's Business Daily editorial pointed out that President Obama himself claimed that the vast majority of these children would be deported:

It exposes as false President Obama's protestations, made in the heat of the public relations disaster of the border surge, that anyone crossing the Texas border would be sent back. Obama made those claims in response to photos of human squalor that were leaked to Breitbart and gained broader attention via Drudge Report.

Turns out he wasn't sincere at all.

The news of illegals being released into society gives potential new border surgers the message that the border is open and anyone who is caught entering by the Border Patrol will be permitted to stay.

The data can only assure them — and the cartel smuggling groups whispering to potential illegals that they'll get "permisos" — that the president's word is worthless.

Actions speak louder than words. With the odds of being released into the U.S. at 99.3% and the odds of being deported at 0.7%, there's a clear incentive to try one's luck.

IBD further notes that many of these children are likely to not to fit the innocent-waif profile the press has worked mightily to promote:

It's virtually impossible for an illegal to be sent back.

And that should be concerning, given that 80% of the illegal minors being released into society are males over the age of 14 who are of prime gang recruiting age.

A trip to the U.S. embassies of Honduras and El Salvador's websites shows that some $300 million is being spent on youth centers devoted to teaching the violence-prone to quit being violent. Those centers were set up for returning illegals and would-be illegals as a means of reacting to the border surge. That this is our response shows there's simply no way that the 99.3% being released into the U.S. are likely to be nonviolent.

Why doesn't the establishment press doesn't bother reporting this inconveniently ugly information? It's not unreasonable to contend that it's because its members largely support the idea of open borders — but only in our direction.

Exit question: What if some of these children are ISIS terrorists who prepared for their assignments in Juarez?

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