Ex-ABC Star Touts Liberal Bias: 'TV Always Eases the Path for Change'

CNN’s Reliable Sources was in a celebrating mood about the Supreme Court’s gay marriage mandate on Sunday. "We want to begin with how personal this is," host Brian Stelter said. He began with former ABC weatherman Sam Champion, the first morning news personality to announce he was gay. Champion spoke to the power of liberal bias on television: “TV always eases the path for change” and “leads the way for acceptance.” 

Stelter noted part of that “leading the way for acceptance” was ABC’s celebratory coverage of Champion’s wedding to artist Rubem Robierb on Good Morning America. 

BRIAN STELTER: Get to this issue of how comfortable viewers might be, and this broader issue of how television has in some ways helped lead the country to the point we are at now.

SAM CHAMPION: I think TV always eases the path for change. I think what people watch in their homes, what they're comfortable with in their homes leads the way for acceptance in this country. I think it always has....

STELTER: That's why it was newsworthy when you did share your engagement and did share your marriage on television.

CHAMPION: And we became to understand -- we came to understand that. At first, again, just kind of selfishly and boldly we just kind of thought, this is our life and we're going to have our life. It was something that we really started to understand once people started talking to us.

RUBEM ROBIERB: That's when we got that feedback from people that met us at the airports, on the street, and congratulate us. When you have that feedback, it's fantastic because you feel that people feel related with you and they feel good for you because you maybe have a chance to express yourself the way they don't.

Stelter at least "balanced" four gay guests with conservative blogger Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist, who correctly noted the media has dramatically favored the gay agenda for decades. 

It’s not just on gay issues that Champion – now a star on The Weather Channel – has tried to “ease the path for change.” His utterly panicked reporting on global warming and the environment -- as in "Could global warming one day force us into space to live?" -- was also quite obviously trying to “lead the way” to liberalism. 

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