USA Headline Roundup: Obama to 'Shield' Illegal Aliens With 'Deportation Relief'

November 20th, 2014 1:52 PM

Some of the nation's most influential newspapers sympathetically broke out the euphemisms for Obama as he prepares for unilateral executive action to "shield" some illegal immigrants from the rule of law, which they call "deportation relief." He's "cheered by reform advocates." Here's the roundup for November 20 front pages, beginning with the Obama publicists armed with happy words:

The Washington Post:

Obama to unveil immigration order: Millions could get deportation relief

The New York Times:

Obama’s Plan Could Shield Four Million: Threat of Deportation Eases for Migrants

The Wall Street Journal:

Obama to Act on Immigration: Executive Order to Shield More Than Four Million From Deportation Sets Up Bitter Fight With GOP

The Baltimore Sun:

Obama readies shield order: Measure would protect immigrants from deportation

The Boston Globe:

President set to act on immigration: Obama’s executive order cheered by reform advocates, but unilateral action infuriates Republican critics

San Francisco Chronicle:

Obama set to give millions a reprieve

Some papers were more neutral.

Houston Chronicle [with Latino women photographed below]:

Families, critics awaiting Obama's immigration plan

Los Angeles Times:

Immigration overhaul to touch many in state

USA Today:

TODAY, PRESIDENT DECIDES ON IMMIGRATION [in large capitals]: Executive order could grant legal status to millions

The Denver Post won for vagueness, over the Washington Post account: “Obama set to unveil action: The president’s use of executive powers is likely to spark a political fight”.

The Washington Times sounded like, well, a conservative paper, focusing on the Democratic-base politics:

‘THINKING POLITICALLY’: Former colleagues decry Obama as an opportunist on immigration

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel surprisingly went to Paul Ryan for criticism.