GQ's Ana Marie Cox on MSNBC: Christian Value Voters Summit Wants 'What The Islamicists Want'

September 28th, 2014 9:15 AM

Leftists have an extreme difficulty in differentiating between conservative Christians in the United States and Islamo-fascists in the Middle East. Somehow, letting your traditional religious views affect (infect?) our democracy is akin to beheadings and terrorism.

It's not surprising that this view would come stumbling out of GQ Washington correspondent Ana Marie Cox, one of the flightiest pundits on the left. There it came on Saturday morning's Up With Steve Kornacki on MSNBC. Somehow, the politicians and activists at the Value Voters Summit in Washington sound a lot like ISIS in Syria:

ANA MARIE COX, GQ: So you said a little while ago about the Syria situation that Americans are in and the incompetence and lack of accountability but Americans are souring on our form of government? Well, the Value Voters conference has another idea about what our form of government should be. It looks a little bit like what the Islamicists want.

They are really calling for right, the explicit input of religion into American politics. Tony Perkins gave an interview where he talked about a recent Pew poll that Americans wanted to have more religious involvement in our national politics. He took this as a wonderful sign, that we should have churches endorsing candidates and involved in, you know, in democracy. That is not a bad thing necessarily but you know, what Rand [Paul] is doing and the kind of stuff that Ted Cruz talked about. I mean, it's a dangerous move to think that the American people are actually going to be okay with that particular mapping of, a form of religious extremism on to politics.

This inspired no pushback on the MSNBC set, naturally. They just went on to talk about how Ted Cruz won the straw poll last year, and Paul has to catch up.