NYT Hits Obama From Left on Immigration Delay: 'Like an Aggrieved Girlfriend'

The New York Times on Monday hit Barack Obama from the left on his move to delay executive action on illegal immigration and amnesty. Writers Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Ashley Parker forwarded an over-the-top comparison from angry liberals. They summarized Angela M. Kelley from the left-wing Center for American Progress (CAP) as saying, "Latinos — like an aggrieved girlfriend who has waited in vain for a marriage proposal — are going to expect Mr. Obama to take even more expansive executive action later this year, given the delay." 

Hirschfeld Davis and Parker then cited another expert from the same liberal organization, CAP. Neera Tanden complained, "What really happened that moved this whole thing, tragically, was the border crisis, which created this argument of there being a magnet for undocumented immigrants. The journalists uncritically parroted, "White House officials said it became clear in recent weeks that the crisis had created a mistaken impression that the border was not secure." Mistaken? 

Missing from the story? Any hard-hitting criticism of Obama for acting unilaterally. 

Hirschfeld Davis and Parker included the full comparison of Obama's delay of any action to a jilted girlfriend: 

“A guy says he’s going to propose, and then he decides he’s going to delay and not propose for a couple of months, so you go, ‘O.K., I want a two-carat ring now instead of a one-carat ring,’ ” Ms. Kelley said. “The cost is high for what he’s done in terms of a delay. He’s asking the community to pay now, and to some extent, he’ll have to pay later.”

The two did include from a strategist who consults with Republicans, but this person, too, supports an immigration compromise: 

“All the progress we’ve made over two years was destroyed in six weeks,” said Tamar Jacoby, who has advised Republicans on immigration strategy and heads ImmigrationWorks USA, an employer group that backs an overhaul. “It’s always harder to do something than not to do it, and especially on an emotional topic like this, it’s very fragile.”

The Times offered the same aggrieved tone on Sunday, touting immigration "advocates. 

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