Chris Matthews Says Gov. Sarah Palin is Illiterate?

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Good old Chris "Tingle" Matthews. We can always look to him to lower his own credibility just one more notch with each and every broadcast, can't we? This time Ol' Chris Tingle has debased himself by telling the four or five viewers he has that he thinks Governor Sarah Palin can't read or write. Apparently Matthews doesn't think that Palin has the capacity to write the book she is reportedly shopping around.

Even Politico can't explain away Tingle's ignorance here saying that "Matthews suggested Friday that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) may not have the reading or writing ability needed to complete the book she is reportedly shopping."

Teasing a segment on the book during his show “Hardball,” Matthews said: “If she can read, if she can write, she’ll make some money.”

Matthews repeated his suggestion that Palin could not write the book later in the show. “The question is who actually will write the Palin book,” he said. “The only politician I know who can write is Barack Obama.”

Isn't it great that the more civil, more caring, more grown up left is on the case for us all?

Merry Blitzmas from good ol' Chris Tingle.

... oh, and remember. No one in the media is out to get Palin. Why that's just crazy talk!

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