It's CU Later for ABC's GCB

Turns out, bashing Christians isn't nearly as funny as ABC thought it would be. After just one season, the network is calling it quits on TV's "GCB" after outrage and controversy stole the show. The title of the program, "Good Christian [Expletives]" was reason enough for audiences to complain--and with the help of groups like Media Research Center (MRC) and One Million Moms, they did.

Every week, MRC would tally how many times an episode mocked faith or used the Bible in a malicious way. According to Lauren Thompson at MRC's NewsBusters blog, "GCB" usually ridiculed the Christians about 20 times per episode--sometimes more.

The worst examples aired on Easter, when the characters shilled for pornography to make their marriages more "spiritual." The show was so offensive that even national leaders like Newt Gingrich slammed ABC for giving voice to anti-Christian bias.

A New York City Councilman, Peter Vallone, launched a campaign to get the program off the air, and the American Family Association filed a petition. With poor ratings and an even poorer plotline, ABC finally cancelled the show this week.

Congratulations to those of you who spoke up or contacted your station managers! While it seems like Hollywood doesn't listen to parents, they certainly listen to ratings. So the next time you see something objectionable, vote... with your remote!

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