‘Left of Bernie’ Cartoonist: Anti-PC Conservatives Cherry-Pick ‘Silly Examples From Obscure, Powerless People’

January 8th, 2017 8:54 PM

As much as Republicans dislike Hillary Clinton, often intensely, few if any of them believe she’s Satan. Yes, Donald Trump described Bernie Sanders’s endorsement of Clinton as “a deal with the devil,” but presumably it was just a figure of speech.

That said, some on the left are darkly suspicious about how low conservatives go in their opinions of HRC. In a Tuesday Daily Kos post, cartoonist and blogger Jen Sorensen wrote, “As my husband says, this was not so much an election as an exorcism, the culmination of a decades-long smear campaign by the right.” (Not that Sorensen’s a staunch I’m With Her type: “I consider myself to be somewhat to the left of Bernie. I favor a Scandinavian-style social safety net — heck, I am Scandinavian.”)

Sorensen also blasted conservatives for what she considers ideologically manipulative language. She asserted that “the term ‘political correctness’ has been the cornerstone of [their] efforts to transform the ideas of civil rights and equality into something frivolous and stupid. The right loves plucking silly examples from obscure, powerless people and blowing them up into huge ‘culture war’ issues that supposedly threaten the nation.”

Moreover, she claimed that the term “liberal elites” is a front for “a deep anti-intellectual agenda” and is “designed to shift attention away from the actual economic elites hoovering up the world’s wealth and resources…and instead make one think of poodle-owning urbanites supposedly looking down their noses at everyone (while in reality voting to raise the minimum wage).”