Wow: Did ABC's 'The View' Bleep Out Jesus?

On Friday's episode of The View, there was a panel discussion on whether "some" of Judeo-Christianity's Ten Commandments are "obsolete." During that discussion, co-host Paula Faris mentioned "Jesus" twice.

A video of the segment cuts the audio both times. Was the name offensive? Did ABC's producers simply want to not offend by using the Lord's name in vain (even as an example)? 

Here's the video. Decide for yourself: 



Transcript of the first instance (HT BizPac Review):

(through the 0:11 mark)

PAULA FARIS: I have a funny story, though, about taking the Lord's name in vain. Y'know, my parents were really strict about what we said in the home. We couldn’t say “Oh my God,” we couldn’t say “JC,” we couldn’t say “______.”

The audio cuts out just as Faris begins to say "Jesus." The first syllable of His name barely slipped in just as the audio was cut. Faris appears to have said a couple of additional words after she said "Jesus." If so, they were also censored.

Transcript of the second instance:

(From 0:11 to 0:21)

PAULA FARIS: My son, y'know. I know.


FARIS: You could say "Geez." Um-

HOSTIN: You could say "Geez," but-


HOSTIN: "zus."



FARIS: Unless you were praising Him. And then you could say "_____"

Once again, the censorship kicked in, and this time none of the apparently toxic "J-word" could be heard.

It seems reasonable to believe that these instances of making Jesus's name inaudible were deliberate.

Reaction at the segment's Twitter post came swiftly and in high volume, with predominantly negative responses (but of course, with a few atheist trolls). Examples of criticism include these (with some edits to correct spelling and clean up a profane word):

  • "You actually censored Jesus out?? Wow, proof that truth really does offend. I bet Mohammad wouldn't have been censored. What a pathetic show."
  • "Are they cutting Jesus from the women talking. Lord Jesus forgive whoever has their hand on that button."
  • "Why can the host on the show say the words 'hell damn & b***h' but the word JESUS was censored out?"
  • "Jesus is now the new N word to the deg(en)erate libs on The View ..."
  • "Really? You censor "Jesus", like it's some sort of obscenity? Anyone offended by the name Jesus, has issues, deep issues!"
  • "I'm sure GOD will be amazed to learn that He is OBSOLETE to the nitwits on The View...."

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It's a safe bet that the Ten Commandments will still be around and leading people to live good and holy lives, and that Jesus will remain mankind's Lord and Savior, long after ABC and The View have fallen into the ash heap of history.

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