WaPo's Kucinich Covers Bloomberg Ad, Misses How Having a Gun Would Have Prevented Domestic Violence

On Tuesday, Jackie Kucinich at the Washington Post wrote up a brief item about an ad released Monday by Everytown For Gun Safety, deep-pocketed former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun-grabbing group.

Kucinich reports that the ad "will air on cable television in Washington, D.C., and on network stations in New Hampshire, Arizona and Nevada, according to a release," in an attempt to affect U.S. Senate races in those states. If Kucinich had actually watched the ad, it's hard to imagine why she wouldn't have noticed that the victim of domestic violence portrayed would have been far better off if she herself had been armed:

Another obvious point is that having a gun would likely have been a factor in preventing the former parter of the woman involved from even thinking about coming after her.

The way to "stop this" is to do all you can to defend yourself. As noted earlier this week at NewsBusters, even the majority of the women currently involved in what's left of The View on ABC understand that.

But common-sense thinking routinely eludes the Bloomberg group — and, perhaps, Jackie Kucinich.

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