After SOTU, CNN Contributor Reprises a Five Year-old Line: 'A Speech by Barack Obama Is a Lot Like Sex'

January 29th, 2014 12:05 AM

I guess when you've run out of anything meaningful to say, you revert to your tired old one-liners, even when they are — or should be — embarrassing.

In early 2009, five days after President Obama's first State of the Union speech, Alex Castellanos, who at the time was apparenty a "Republican strategist," said the following on a CNN Sunday show: "I think, as a friend told me once, that -- listening to Barack Obama give a speech is like sex. The worse there ever was, was excellent." Tuesday night, as Politico's Lucy McCalmont reports, Castellanos was at it again:


Castellanos's comparison of an Obama speech to pleasures of the flesh seemingly borders on — scratch that, it obviously is — obsessive.

In a CNN column in September 2012, which describes him as still being "a Republican consultant" and "co-founder of Purple Strategies" — no wonder the GOP can't leverage its natural advantages with the American people into electoral victories — Castellanos went there yet again as he criticized Obama's Democratic National Convention speech:

As a fan of political theater, I've said that an Obama speech is like sex: The worst ever is still excellent. After Thursday night, I've changed my mind. Sex is better, perhaps because it is less frequent.

I guess he changed his mind back after Obama's Tuesday speech.

Somebody get this guy some help — and keep him away from Republican and conservative politicians and operatives while you're at it.

Why the people at CNN are mystified at their ratings being in the tank is a mystery to me. Isn't it obvious that clowns like Castellanos turn people off?

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