Wimp or Bully? Press, Even 'Bully'-Originating WaPo, Fails to Note Contradictory Takes on Romney

July 31st, 2012 10:19 AM

Sunday on ABC, as Rush Limbaugh noted on his show yesterday, Obama campaign senior adviser and former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney a "schoolyard bully."

Just a couple of hours later (the time stamp is noon on Sunday), what little is left of Newsweek published "Mitt Romney's Wimp Factor." Zheesh -- So which is it?

You would expect that someone in the establishment press might notice the contradiction, starting with the hit piece's author, Mike Tomasky. Nope, at least not in the article itself; the word "bully" doesn't appear (gee Mike, some people might cause such a failure to recognize a divergent view wimpy). Others have similarly pretended that the Washington Post's 5,400-word write-up of Romney's prep school days featuring an alleged bullying incident never appeared, and that probably dozens of statements from Obama apparatchiks attempting to capitalize on it were never uttered -- including the Post itself.

An unbylined Associated Press report decided it was news that Romney told CBS that he doesn't recall being called a wimp before.

At WaPo itself on Monday ("Mitt Romney and the Wimp Factor"), Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake acted as if their colleague Jason Horowitz's work doesn't exist.

A search at WaPo on "wimp" surfaces nothing relevant other than the aforementioned pair's post and the aforementioned AP item.

It's as if they think that their readers have no individual or collective memory.

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