AP Searches on Trayvon Martin: One Vague Quote About Bounty, No Mention of New Black Panthers

March 26th, 2012 7:20 PM

A search on Travyvon Martin's name (not in quotes) at the Associated Press's main national site at 7 p.m. returned 37 items.

A search on "Trayvon Martin bounty" (also not in quotes) returned one item. Here is the relevant section of the related story by Jennifer Kay and Errin Haines, way down in Paragraphs 13 and 14:

A spokeswoman for the Maitland mortgage risk-management firm where (George) Zimmerman reportedly works, Digital Risk, said she couldn't confirm anything about Zimmerman's employment, but that he had not been at work since the shooting.

"Our utmost concern is for the safety of our employees, specifically based on the potential turmoil that could arise from the recent announcement of a bounty for his capture," Brandie Young said Saturday.

The article gives no indication as to the source of "the recent announcement of a bounty for his capture" -- and also note that the Kay and Haines chose to quote someone else about it, not report is as a fact themselves.

Two other searches done at the AP's national site on "Trayvon Panthers" and "Trayvon Panther" (each not in quotes) come up empty.

In case you missed it, on Saturday the New Black Panthers "offered a $10,000 bounty for the capture of George Zimmerman."

It appears that the Essential Global News Network wants that news to be kept from as many people as possible.

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