Taylor's Tall Tale: AP Reporter 'Forgets' At Least 19 Senate Dems Praised Obama's February Budget

May 26th, 2011 10:51 PM

In the course of a story ("Senate votes down controversial House budget") from all appearances designed to make House Republicans look like quixotic time-wasters while minimizing presidential embarrassment, the Associated Press's Andrew Taylor fabricated the following:

GOP senators immediately forced a vote on President Barack Obama's February budget proposal, which opened to chilly reviews in February for failing to aggressively tackle issues like the long-term future of benefit programs like Medicare and Social Security. Democrats joined Republicans in opposing the plan, which failed to receive a single vote.

No Andrew, you're wrong, wrong, at least nineteen times wrong. From Townhall's Guy Benson, with links -- The following Senate Democrats sang the praises of the President's laughingstock of a "budget" in mid-February (resorted in alphabetical order after Reid and Schumer; bolds and underlines are as they originally appeared):

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): “President Obama’s budget is a serious attempt…” (Sen. Reid, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): “This is a responsible proposal… I believe this approach should have bipartisan support.” (Sen. Schumer Press Release, 2/15/11)


SEN. MAX BAUCUS (D-MT): “The President's budget… strengthens our economy...” (U.S. Senate, Finance Committee, Hearing, 2/16/11)


SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL (D-CT): “…the President’s budget provides a good blueprint for achieving many of our shared goals.” (Sen. Blumenthal, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. SHERROD BROWN (D-OH): “The President’s budget proposal will put us on track…” (Sen. Brown, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. MARIA CANTWELL (D-WA): “I applaud President Obama…” (Sen. Cantwell, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. BEN CARDIN (D-MD): “President Obama has given us a credible blueprint…” (Sen. Cardin, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. TOM CARPER (D-DE)“The President's budget is an important step forward…”(Sen. Carper, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. KENT CONRAD (D-ND): “The President’s budget gets it about right in the first year.”(Sen. Conrad, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. CHRIS COONS (D-DE): “I am encouraged … I applaud the President for remaining committed to innovation...” (Sen. Coons, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. AL FRANKEN (D-MN): “The President's budget proposal is headed in the right direction…” (Sen. Franken, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND (D-NY): “… the President’s budget provides a good place to start the conversation.”(Sen. Gillibrand, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. KAY HAGAN (D-NC): “…a good start.” (Sen. Hagan, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. TOM HARKIN (D-IA): “…the President has proposed a balanced approach…” (Sen. Harkin, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. HERB KOHL (D-WI): “The President's budget is a good first step…” (Sen. Kohl, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. FRANK LAUTENBERG (D-NJ):“President Obama’s budget presents a careful evaluation of what our nation needs...” (Sen. Lautenberg Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. BILL NELSON (D-FL): “I personally think that the President's budget is a step in the right direction.”(U.S. Senate, Finance Committee, Hearing, 2/16/11)


SEN. JEANNE SHAHEEN (D-NH): “…a responsible framework...”(Sen. Shaheen, Press Release, 2/14/11)


SEN. TOM UDALL (D-NM): “… it's a solid starting point.” (Sen. Udall, Press Release, 2/14/11)

The President's February budget did have one interesting number -- a prediction that spending in fiscal 2011 will total an all-time record $3.819 trillion by the time the year ends on September 30. If that happens, it will represent a mind-boggling 40% increase over fiscal 2007. Sadly, that grim milestone is within reach.

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