Slow Joe Biden’s Subpar Saturday: Part 1 — The ‘Smart-A**’ Segment

BidenSmartAssRemarkWI062610Matt Drudge is currently linking to the YouTube version (also carried at Real Clear Politics) of Milwaukee TV station WISN's report on Vice President Joe Biden's visit to a Greenfield, Wisconsin custard shop. In it, you can hear the following exchange between Biden and the Kopp's Custard manager:
Biden: What do we owe you?
Manager: Don't worry. It's on us. ... (inaudible) ... Lower our taxes and we’ll call it even.
A more complete version of the station's report carried at the Freedom's Lighthouse web site indicates that the comment must have bothered Biden a bit:
Reporter: A few minutes after the Kopp's manager's comment on "Lower our taxes," there's another exchange.
Biden: Why don't you say something nice instead of being a smart-ass all the time? Say something nice.

A bit touchy there, aren't we?

The Real Clear Politics post claims Biden made his "smart-ass" remark "jokingly."

I don't think so, nor did the Kopp's manager, as seen at the extended Freedom's House version of the video:

Reporter: Afterwards, the manager said he enjoyed his banter with the Vice President.
Manager: He was very nice. He's got a great personality.
Reporter: But the manager admits the Vice President didn't seem happy at first about the "lower our taxes" comment.
Manager: I don't think he liked it, no, but later he whispered ... "Just kidding."

Go to the Freedom's Lighthouse link and judge Biden's demeanor for yourself.

Also, doesn't the manager's "great personality" comment seem like the kind of thing you might hear about a potential blind date that you would want to avoid?

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