What Time of Year Is It, Hillary? No C-Word Present in Her 'Presents' Ad

I've noted previously that Old Media has developed a squeamishness towards describing this time of year in business stories as the "Christmas shopping season."

In the midst of media criticism of Mike Huckabee's Christmas ad, including the Whoopi Goldberg-Joy Behar exchange on "The View" noted earlier today by NewsBusters' Justin McCarthy, how interesting it is that one of Hillary Clinton's latest ads in Iowa joins in the C-word sqeamishness (HT Hot Air, whose Bryan Preston calls it "Hillary's Unintentionally Revealing Christmas Ad").

The ad shows Mrs. Clinton wrapping presents for the American people, including "Universal Health Care," "Alternative Energy," "Bring Troops Home," and "Middle Class Tax Breaks" (where have we heard that undelivered promise before?). In search of the final present to wrap, she asks, "Where's Universal Pre-K?" Finding it, she says, "Ah, there it is."

(Three of these "presents" to the American people would have to be paid for with money coming from the American people in the form of taxes -- but that's for another time.)

Then comes the ad's final new slide:


According to Wikipedia:

A 2001 survey from the City University of New York found that 52% of Iowans are Protestant, while 23% are Roman Catholic, and other religion made up 6%. 13% responded with non-religious, and 5% did not answer.

Exactly what did Mrs. Clinton have to lose by at least allowing the dreaded C-word to appear in equal billing with "Happy Holidays"? Will anyone in Old Media note this "curious" omission?

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