NewsBusters Podcast: Hillary's Hot Talk of Hitler and Bimbo Eruptions

May 10th, 2024 11:00 PM

Hillary Clinton was the big guest Thursday on MSNBC's Morning Joe. MSNBC’s headline on their YouTube video was "Joe Biden is the only choice for women who value freedom. Isn’t that just perfect for that network and that show? Abortion = freedom. 

Hillary pleased the MSNBC crowd by saying there’s no choice for voters between Biden and Trump: "One is yes, old and effective, has passed legislation that I think is going to put America on such a strong footing for the future....The other is old and dangerous. I mean, why is that a hard choice for people?" Hillary also thought she should have been way ahead in 2016.

Now we're reliving 2016 in a Manhattan courtroom, and Stormy Daniels was the star witness this week. The richest vein of hypocrisy was Hillary accusing Trump on hush money. He "went to such great lengths to try to squash, bury, kill stories, pay off people, because he understood the electoral significance of them." As if the Clintons never tried to squash and kill stories by female accusers! 

Then Joe Scarborough descended into his Nazi parallels with Trump again, goading Hillary to unload all the "Trump is Hitler" talk. She said he's a dictator who will end democracy, and Republicans are "people who care more about a future tax cut than the sanctity of the Constitution." Together, they've spending almost eight years spreading this bizarre notion that eventually everyone will listen to them and agree with them, as long as the media keeps hammering away at the "fascist." They’re going to keep being disappointed. The press is constantly failing unless and until Trump is ruined. They're quite a fun bunch to watch.

At the end, we notice Kamala Harris cackling over saying the word "Ovaries!" at a group of male reporters while she's visiting an abortion clinic as a campaign stop. It sounds sexist, like men don't know women's body parts. And The NPR Politics Podcast underlines why NPR obsessed this week over Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and her failed attempt to boot Speaker Mike Johnson.

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.