NewsBusters Podcast: Angry Peacocks Prance Against Ronna McDaniel Joining NBC

March 25th, 2024 10:00 PM

From NBC's Meet the Press to MSNBC's Morning Joe, the liberal bubble is in a furious revolt against ex-RNC boss Ronna McDaniel joining their team as a commentator. They want her fired before she begins. But they're all for ideological diversity....yeah, right.

They can't stand anyone who defends Donald Trump or who would vote for him.

Chuck Todd appeared on his old show to demand the NBC brass apologize to Kristen Welker for the embarrassment of having to interview the new NBC commentator. She grilled her for 20 minutes. Todd said some mockable things in his Sunday sermon. 

First, that McDaniel's party apparatus was guilty of "character assassination" of the press. Earth to Chuck:  Have you never engaged with the possibility that Republicans think YOU and your network do LOTS of character assassination of Trump, and of anyone remotely associated with Trump, as in everyone who’s ever voted for Trump?

Then we can laugh at Chuck taking umbrage that “we gave her NBC News’s credibility." Credibility? In the public eye? What the media's approval rating? It’s lower than Congress. It’s lower than Biden.

Then there’s the final kicker: Chuck reassuring Welker that they've assembled around the table to “bolster that editorial independence.” Editorial independence? This is coming out of Chuck Todd, who with his wife Kristian Denny Todd hosted a dinner party in 2015 to honor Hillary Clinton campaign communications director Jen Palmieri. Here at NewsBusters, I broke the story that Mrs. Chuck Todd’s Democrat consulting firm made $2 million off the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign. But Todd could never muster the editorial transparency to tell viewers about this financial conflict on the many occasions he interviewed Bernie Sanders.

The obvious comparison to McDaniel is former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who waltzed right out of the Biden White House into hosting a Sunday show on MSNBC, which debuted about a year ago. Four months later, they loved that enough to give her the Monday night Chris Hayes hour at 8 pm Eastern. You can also cite Symone Sanders-Townsend, who also ambled right into hosting a weekend show on MSNBC out of the Kamala Harris  PR shop. McDaniel isn't hosting a show. She's being paid to take all the abuse that these Democrats can muster.

On Morning Joe, the comedy continued. Mika Brzezinski insisted they're all for NBC bringing conservatives on TV, but not the Trumpian "election deniers." Joe Scarborough then laughably claimed he's a conservative now, more conservative than all those Trump stooges he battles. 

The ladies of The View uniformly protested the McDaniel gig. The hilarity there was Alyssa Farah claiming "I feel very strongly, obviously, that there needs to be Republican representation in media." As if that's what she's doing? 

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.