Katie Couric: Obama Owes Me a 'Big-Ass Bouquet' for 2008 Palin Attack Interview

September 30th, 2023 7:20 AM

Fox News media reporter Joseph Wulfsohn reported on Friday that former CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric boasted at the liberal Texas Tribune Festival last weekend about how she helped Barack Obama get elected in 2008 with her infamous attack interview on Republican Gov. Sarah Palin. "You're welcome, by the way," Couric told the audience, sparking laughter and applause.

She added, "I always thought that Barack Obama should have sent me a big-ass bouquet of flowers for that interview." Then-White House battle-axe Helen Thomas said Couric "saved the country" with that interview. 

She justified sticking it to McCain for health reasons, and for his poor judgment in picking Palin. "I think people were concerned that here she would be a heartbeat away from the presidency, John McCain had cancer, I believe, four times. And I think suddenly, they were not only questioning her abilities, but also his judgment in selecting her," Couric said. "So I think that had a big impact on the election, on the campaign. And so I thought I did a good job."

So did liberal-media types. She earned several awards -- but was it for the journalism or for "saving the country"? Liberal journalists think those are synonymous.

(There was nothing in the report on how McCain aide Nicolle Wallace pushed for that Couric interview, saying afterwards about Couric: “She brings a lot of credibility because she’s not hyper-partisan." There's another bouquet owed.)

Couric, who never earned a reputation as a powerful intellect, still felt she could trash Palin's brains: 

Couric went on to mock Palin by acknowledging the "double entendre" of how Palin was a "blank slate" both in terms of her mental state and as a political figure. In the interview, Palin failed to name a specific newspaper she read and also gave panned responses to questions about the economic bailout and Alaska's proximity to Russia.

"People really didn't understand where she stood on a lot of important, you know, issues of public policy. And I think that was a very important interview because it was a fair interview," Couric said. "I think it stood the test of, of being objective. Even Republicans afterwards thought it was extremely fair, a certain kind of Republican."

Wrong! Unless the "certain kind of Republican" is Nicolle Wallace. 

Couric also explained she felt an urge to share her liberal opinions:

"I mean, at some point, I think I believe strongly in reproductive rights. I think they're the foundation of equal rights for women. And I felt an obligation to say that," she continued. "Similarly, you know, I feel very strongly about reducing gun violence in this country. I've covered too many school shootings, too many mass shootings. You know, nothing happened after Sandy Hook… And I think, you know, 74% of NRA members want stricter gun laws. And the fact that we can't get it done because we are being held hostage by these extremists."

Couric then paused and asked the liberal audience, "Is this OK that I'm saying this in Texas?" The crowd in the liberal Texas enclave responded with cheers. 

"It's ridiculous and unacceptable. And I feel like, you know, I've earned the right on some issues that are important to me to speak my mind," Couric added.

[Photo credit: also Joseph Wulfsohn]