USA TODAY Celebrates June with Front-Page Trans Teens 'Pride-a-Ganda' Piece

June 1st, 2023 12:08 PM

The most "woke" corporations are often media companies. USA Today started out "Pride Month" with some Pride-a-ganda at the top of the front page. The headline was all infomercial:

These transgender teens thrive at a difficult time and show their identity defines any one label

'But most of all, I'm human' 

"Breaking news" editor Susan Miller -- who recently touted that 19.7 percent of Generation Z now identify as LGBTQ -- was back with the celebratory stories: 

Chazzie is a sunny 17-year-old who greets each morning with an affirmation and a session on a yoga mat. She has a zeal for volunteering; painting brings joy.

Max, 15, who lives by an unofficial motto of taking risks and fueling his creative appetite, can play just about any string instrument and is 45 pages into a book he is writing.  

Gia, 19, a rising college sophomore with an array of interests from acting to advocacy, ranks 2023 as her happiest year yet.  

The three are embracing passions and mapping futures – accomplished teens who just happen to be transgender.

Their identity “is really the least interesting thing about us,” Chazzie says.

Oh, sure, that's why their on the front page of a national McPaper! That's why the paper is touting their full truckload of pre-loaded Pride-a-ganda: 


This is apparently necessary because these poor kids are being "targeted" by Republicans. 

In a year that has seen an unprecedented torrent of bills in legislatures targeting the LGBTQ community, particularly those who are transgender, advocates say people such as Chazzie, Max and Gia are thriving despite the backlash....

The Movement Advancement Project, an independent, nonprofit think tank focused on equality and opportunity, has been tracking the rise in legislation: More than 700 anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced in dozens of states this year, and at least half target transgender young people.

Conservatives oppose their "existence" -- as in, they want them eliminated? This is another USA Today plug: 

'WAR' ON LGBTQ EXISTENCE: 8 ways the record onslaught of bills targets the community

As you should suspect, there was not one discouraging or critical word anywhere in this piece from conservatives. Instead, readers are lectured that groups are need to "replace misinformed opinions." Does that sound like journalism that's objective? Or does "bothsidesism" need to be "replaced" in public speech? 

“Transgender and nonbinary kids are here − hundreds of thousands of them in every corner of every community. They are being raised by everyday parents who have good values and give back to their communities,” says Jen Grosshandler, co-founder of the GenderCool Project, a youth-led group that works to replace misinformed opinions with real experiences of young people who are transgender and nonbinary.

These three teens are all touted as "Champions" on the GenderCool website. There's no leftist label for GenderCool or the Movement Advancement Project. 

Inside the paper is another photograph of these three teens and three more wearing their GenderCool T-shirts and USA Today happily reports ABC is airing a June 1 special with all of these "champions," hosted by gay journalist Gio Benitez. The entire story reads like a GenderCool publicity packet. 

Miller has won an award from the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

PS: Susan Miller tweeted: 

The GenderCool folks retweeted this with gush: "Thank you @susmiller and @USATODAY for this incredible look into who these young people are!"