Maddow Hypes Neo-Nazi Fire-Bomb Arrest, Ignored Similar Attack on Pro-Lifers

April 4th, 2023 7:51 PM

When Rachel Maddow parachutes into MSNBC on Mondays, it’s still possible to identify her leftist tilt. Near the end of her show on April 3, she spoke about a dreadful white supremacist fire-bombing or Molotov-cocktail attack on a Church of Christ in Ohio which was hosting a Drag Queen Story Hour. On screen the words behind her were “Extreme Prejudice.” 

But last year, pro-abortion fanatics threw Molotov cocktails into the offices of the pro-life group Wisconsin Family Action in Madison, Wisconsin, and Maddow never said anything about that. You could hear about it on Tucker Carlson's show.

MSNBC in general said nothing – even when the Justice Department finally brought charges recently after the alleged fire-bomber left a half-eaten burrito at the scene.

Maddow highlighted how she earlier showed a video of "protesters, including dozens of neo-Nazis...were screaming at a drag queen story hour, a family friendly event that was being held in Wadsworth, Ohio."


MADDOW: Well, now, here's an update. This photo is from a newly released criminal complaint. This complaint identifies a 20-year-old man you see at the center of the image as a member of the Ohio chapter of White Lives Matter.

This photo shows him at that anti-trans protest that we covered last month. On Friday, this man was arrested and charged in federal court for allegedly trying to firebomb an Ohio church. He is currently in federal custody.

According to the FBI and the Justice Department, the man drove to a church more than an hour from his home, he brought with him these Molotov cocktails and spray bottle filled with gasoline. He then firebombed the church. The church was marked with scorch marks. The FBI says they were able to link him to the attack by tracing his cell phone.

According to the criminal complaint, in his case, when the FBI agents arrived at his home, he admitted to building the Molotov cocktails and to throwing them at the church. They said he told them the reason he did it was to stop a drag show event that was scheduled the following week at the church. He told him his only regret was that the Molotov cocktails didn't cause more damage.

There was nobody inside the church at the time that he attacked it. Nobody was hurt but you can see there was some damage. The church says they would like to see this young man prosecuted, to send a message to other like-minded people. But the church also says they forgive him for what he did.

In the end, the church was able to hold that drag story event that they had planned for the past weekend as originally planned.

Maddow concluded with a flourish: "The violent ultra-right, including the neo-Nazi movement in this country, is for whatever reason, extremely energized right now. And yeah, we talk a lot about how the very far right, how extremists are connected to electoral politics and the like, but these federal charges were trying to fire bomb a church over a drag story hour, it really puts an exclamation mark on it regardless of what it is connected to."

Maddow knows which fire-bombings need an "exclamation mark" and which do not. 

This Maddow segment was supported in part by WeatherTech.