MSNBC Puts On Radical Youngster Decrying 'Clear Descent Into Fascism'

July 5th, 2022 6:57 AM

On Saturday morning, MSNBC host Zerlina Maxwell interviewed 20-year-old radical leftist Jamie Margolin, “founder of the youth-led climate activist group Zero Hour.” The rabble-rouser went straight for the panic button, saying recent Supreme Court decisions on abortion and climate are a “judicial coup” and a “clear descent into fascism.”

Maxwell began by explaining the Supreme Court gave a setback to Team Biden's "ambitious climate agenda," and that's "a really big deal." She brought on Margolin and highlighted her Greta Thunberg-style tweet: "You tweeted the Supreme Court is a deadly threat to our earth and all life on it."


MARGOLIN: I agree with what Congresswoman AOC and many others have said, which is that this is a judicial coup at this point. The judicial branch is absolutely overreaching in their power and completely overturning what the majority of people want, and what is good for the people, what is the will of the people with the decisions against Roe v. Wade, with all these decisions that go against basic common sense safety and majority decisions. And they’re just overturning, overturning, taking away basic rights and progress to the point where it’s like, this is  -- this is a clear descent into fascism if we don’t take serious action, and I don’t say that lightly.

I study fascism a lot. I grew up, I mean my grandpa was a World War II veteran, on my dad’s side we're Jewish, and I grew up learning a lot about Nazi Germany and other fascist regimes and things like that because of how the people in my family have lived through and seen and studied history so well. The important things to remember that it can happen here. Everybody is like oh, but never us. Never us The United States. And we are already seeing this fundamentalist, essentially, coup, taking away the basic rights to control over our own bodies, bodily autonomy, health care.

This pro-life Supreme Court is killing people. People are going to die because of these decisions. Not just because of the Roe v. Wade overturning, but because of the ruling against gun control, because of a ruling against – I mean, who rules against something against something called the Clean Air Act? That’s gonna kill people! For millions of people die of air pollution and other types of toxins and pollutants and diseases caused by them. These pro-life people have blood on their hands.

Maxwell treated this answer as entirely sane, complaining that this is being painted as a loss for the Biden administration and the Left when somehow this shouldn't be "political," it's about "science." Margolin continued her attack on "fascist fundamentalist fearmongering" in her second answer, even though she was dishing out the fearmongering. [Hat tip: Grabien]

PS: Naturally, Margolin's youthful radicalism has also been honored by The New York Times. 

This episode of overwrought leftist bilge was brought to you in part by the climate villains at Subaru.