NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Harvard Hates Objective Journalism

December 18th, 2021 7:00 AM

Harvard's Nieman Lab looked ahead to the "news" business in 2022 and promoted an end to objectivity as a journalism ideal in an article titled "Solidarity eclipses objectivity as journalism’s dominant ideal." Who wants fairness and balance? University of Texas journalism professor Anita Varma wants objectivity crushed as an ideal because it "has never been achievable or desirable, has never served the public, and has repeatedly proven itself to be a waste of shrinking resources in the face of social injustice that denies people’s basic humanity."

"Solidarity for social justice" is the new fad, but solidarity with whom? The "marginalized" get a major boost, and if you're not "marginalized," you're going to get lectured about your advantages. They think the media's job is to create "transformational change" for the Left. 

Then MRC director of media analysis Geoffrey Dickens joins in as we review our choices in the Chris Cuomo Memorial Award for Worst Quote of the Year. It was a tie between CNN gushing over Biden hugging all of America in his arms and CNN suggesting all Trump voters were easily lumped in with Klansmen and Nazis.

Enjoy the podcast below or wherever you listen to podcasts.