Snopes Snuggles Biden: It's 'True' His Rescue Dog Gets an 'Indoguration' Party!

January 9th, 2021 12:58 PM

The incoming extra-plush treatment of Joe Biden by the “independent fact checkers” might be signaled by this Friday fact check at

Will Biden’s Dog Get an ‘Indoguration’ Party?

Major Biden’s former shelter is celebrating the "first dog" with a virtual party.


The Delaware Humane Association dog shelter is celebrating Major’s ascension to first dog ahead of U.S. President Joe Biden's inauguration with a virtual “Indoguration” party and fundraiser on Jan. 17, 2021.

Rating: True

Snopes reporter Nur Ibrahim -- a veteran of Al-Jazeera and the failed Jordan Klepper show at Comedy Central who graduated from Harvard in 2013 --  babbled over the Happy News: 

As U.S. President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021, another future White House occupant will get his own ceremony. Major, the Biden family’s German shepherd and the first White House dog to be adopted from a shelter, will be celebrated at an “indoguration.”

Hosted by Major’s former shelter, the Delaware Humane Association (DHA), the event is a virtual Zoom party that aims to raise funds for the shelter so it can take care of more dogs.

Then get a load of this brief article's conclusion:

Major was brought to the DHA when he was just a puppy after he had been exposed to something “toxic” in his previous home, putting his health in danger. After being fostered by the Bidens, Major was officially adopted in 2018.

Given that Major is undoubtedly a very good boy, and the party being hosted in his honor was publicized by his former shelter, we rate this claim as “True.”

PS: There was one interesting little conflict of interest at this Biden doggie party -- Jill Martin, the "Steals and Deals" correspondent on NBC's Today -- is hosting the fundraiser: 

We've got big, happy news to round out your week!!! Delaware Humane Association & Pumpkin Petcare invite you & your pup to the world's largest virtual party for dogs in honor of Major Biden's Indoguration! Zoom in with our host, the Today Show's Jill Martin, and special guest Beaux and Paws by Sir Darius Brown on Sunday, January 17 at 3pm EST. Let's celebrate the first-ever shelter pup to become First Dog and raise $$$ to help more shelter animals like Major live the American Dream!