What Planned Parenthood Lingo Won't the WashPost Repeat Like Robots?

The Washington Post issued a Planned Parenthood press release on Thursday, badly disguised as a "news article." Ariana Eunjung Cha's dispatch carried this header: 

Trump administration’s abortion ‘gag rule’ can take effect, court rules

Planned Parenthood, which stands to lose tens of millions in funding, and state attorneys general from California, Oregon and Washington say they’ll continue to fight.

In between this headline and the copy was a photo of abortion advocates in St. Louis holding up "We Stand Up for Planned Parenthood" signs and "Say no to their THEOCRACY. It is full of HYPOCRISY."

"Gag rule" is what the abortionists call any attempt to stop funding Planned Parenthood as they counsel abortion instead of adoption. After all, abortion is more profitable. Cha's story began with all the progressive publicist boilerplate: 

A panel of federal appeals court judges ruled on Thursday that a Trump administration family planning “gag rule” that could cut as much as $60 million in Title X funds from Planned Parenthood could go into effect immediately.

The decision is a major setback for the women’s health-care provider and for 21 state attorneys general who filed lawsuits shortly after the policy was published in March, arguing it would undermine the patient-provider relationship and endanger the health of millions of women.

Millions of babies are not to be considered.

The "women's health care provider" is pitch-perfect public relations talk. "The nation's leader provider of abortions" is more accurate, and objective. 

When he first saw this story on Thursday, it had no pro-life opinions in it, but now it carries Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America. It had no Trump administration opinions in it, and now it has two. 

But you have to giggle at the Post heavily implying that the pro-lifers are very ideological, and the pro-abortion/abortion professionals are somehow not radical feminists who heavily fund Democratic candidates. 

Planned Parenthood, which is by far the largest recipient of Title X funds, has been a target of social conservatives in the administration who hope to shift the money to faith-based organizations with a focus on abstinence and fertility awareness....

critics of the HHS rule were quick to say this was not the final decision on the rule and that the legal battle is far from over.

“This rule is yet another example of the Trump administration’s overreach that could make it harder for women to access health care,” Michelle Kuppersmith, director of Equity Forward, said in a statement. “Secretary Alex Azar and the unqualified ideologues who are responsible for this action should be held accountable for their conduct.”

Equity Forward isn't a mortgage banker. It's a radical feminist group. Their website rants "We're exposing the extremist anti-abortion groups that have a significant influence over legislation and lawmakers, including the Trump administration." They have a website trashing pro-lifers called Pro-Lies.org. 

Cha's entire WashPost oeuvre right now is channeling the outrage of the libertine left at social conservatives. Meanwhile, the unborn literally die in darkness.

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