Trevor Noah Rips Catholic Church for Dissent from Radical Leftist Gender Orthodoxy

Comedy Central has a long-running trend of hate speech against the Catholic Church. On Tuesday, Daily Show host Trevor Noah delighted in four crass jokes about clergy sexual abuse on behalf of Gay Pride Month. What did Catholics do? The Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education issued a report on how the church should respond to gender theory, and described the leftist promotion of "dimensions of sexuality that are extremely fluid, flexible, and as it were, nomadic."

TREVOR NOAH: The Catholic Church is celebrating Pride Month in the most Catholic Church way possible.

CBS MORNING NEWS REPORT: USA Today said the Vatican issued an official document rejecting transgender identity. It also called gender change "a trend." The document, called Male and Female He Created Them, is the Catholic Church's first statement on gender identity. Pope Francis has repeatedly argued that people cannot choose their genders. The Vatican also says that changing norms in gender identity contributes to the destabilization of the family.

NOAH: Yes, that's right. The Catholic Church has released a statement condemning transgender people, saying that it's unnatural, which is disappointing, but it's not surprising. I mean, we all know the church thinks if you're born a girl you're a girl forever. And if you're born a boy, they're going to try and f--- (bleep) you.

So let us ask the first question a liberal asks when you criticize one of their books: Have you actually read it? Noah shows zero sign he's read it. He's relying on CBS watering down a short USA Today report, which doesn't even quote an entire sentence of the Vatican document! 

Like a good "progressive," Noah confuses disagreement with a personal attack. The report doesn't "condemn transgender people." It does disagree with transgenderism as a philosophy. But it also insists "educational programmes on this area often share a laudable desire to combat all expressions of unjust discrimination, a requirement that can be shared by all sides."

And: "Another position held in common is the need to educate children and young people to respect every person in their particularity and difference, so that no one should suffer bullying, violence, insults or unjust discrimination based on their specific characteristics (such as special needs, race, religion, sexual tendencies, etc.)."

In other words, it's much more respectful than angry anti-Catholic bigots posing as comedians. Then Noah turned to tripling down on the sex-abuse wisecracks.

NOAH: And let's be clear, let's be clear on this: Gender change is not a trend, all right. It's been around for thousands of years. But if it was, why does the church care about it so much?

How come the church isn't warning us about other trends? You never hear the pope saying, "It is against God's will to wear Supreme [skateboarding clothing]. There's only one high priest and his name is Jesus Christ!" Oh, and get this, get this. Part of the Vatican's rationale is transgender people go against its belief that God made men and women to reproduce. Which, first of all, transgender people can reproduce. And, secondly, again, why do you care, right?

You don't even let your people reproduce, right? Nuns aren't allowed to have sex, right. Priests can't get little boys pregnant, yeah. Yeah, that's right. Two pedophilia jokes! Yeah, yeah. I got away with it the first time. Of course I was going to go back for more, which is the same thing the priests said about touching little boys. Ooh! Three pedophilia jokes! You don't like it? Well, You should transfer me to a different parish, where Im probably gonna do the same thing. Four! Ohhh!

Alright, I'm done. 

The Vatican report notes the tendency of gender ideologues “to assert themselves as absolute and unquestionable, even dictating how children should be raised”, and thus "preclude dialogue." The Left has an orthodoxy every bit as rigid as the Catholic Church, but they pretend they're ironic hipsters instead of altar boys [or name your gender-queer category] of the Church of LGBTQ.

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