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It is typical for a late-night host to take a hiatus from filming during June and July. While Trevor Noah is taking a breather from his relentless attacks on conservatives, his show continues to perpetrate spitefulness with its filler episodes. Monday night's show just re-ran a bunch of their "In the FoxHole" segments mocking Fox News.


Thursday night brought the conclusion of the first series of 2020 Democratic presidential primary debates. Following the media fawning over the performance of Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA) in night one on Wednesday night, the momentum had then shifted towards fellow Senator, Kamala Harris. Daily Show host Trevor Noah sang Harris’ praises following the debate Thursday night.

The Democratic Primary race for 2020 officially kicked off Wednesday night with the first presidential debate on MSNBC, NBC, and Telemundo. The coterie of lefty late-night hosts immediately began live broadcasting in the aftermath of the debate. Among them was The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, who made it obvious who he believed won the night.

Comedy Central has a long-running trend of hate speech against the Catholic Church. On Tuesday, Daily Show host Trevor Noah delighted in four crass jokes about clergy sexual abuse on behalf of Gay Pride Month. What did Catholics do? The Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education issued a report on how the church should respond to gender theory, and described the leftist promotion of "dimensions of sexuality that are extremely fluid, flexible, and as it were, nomadic."

There is nothing quite like a lefty late-night host lecturing the country on issues they are far removed from and completely ignorant about. This did not deter Trevor Noah from criticizing President Trump for his handling of the immigration issue on Monday night’s The Daily Show.

We have all borne witness to the onslaught of tacky “art” displays over the past two years that are created with the sole purpose to depict President Trump as a grave problem to the future of the country. Never one to miss out on a chance to bash President Trump, Comedy Central’s Daily Show host Trevor Noah unveiled his plans Thursday Night to join in on this trend with a “Presidential Tweet Library” opening in Washington D.C.

The irony is lost on no one when a member of the media elite criticize the intelligence of anyone outside of their liberal bubble. Especially when the person they are criticizing is President Trump, who has amassed a billion-dollar empire and graduated from the Ivy League Wharton Business School. One would presume it is impossible to accomplish so much success without ever picking up a book, however, this is precisely what Trevor Noah implied on The Daily Show Monday night.

Along with constantly hammering President Trump, talk show hosts occasionally divert their attention to support a liberal when they perceive that Democrat official is in trouble. That was the case on Thursday evening, when Daily Show host Trevor Noah rushed to the defense of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because the California Democrat was the target of a viral video that made her seem impaired. Instead of criticizing Pelosi, Noah went all the way to the other extreme by sarcastically claiming that “all Internet videos are fake!”

Trevor Noah had fun on Wednesday trying to make sense of Robert Mueller's rather confusing language at his press conference hours earlier. Along the way, Noah also mocked the wild speculations by the liberal media as to what Robert Mueller would say.

Breaking news…Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, has apparently run out of original material; as he has compared President Trump to a dictator yet again. The only thing that has gotten more tiring is the Comedy Central host’s repeated attacks on the Catholic Church and Christianity as a whole.

Two Catholic churches were bombed in Sri Lanka on Easter, leading to hundreds of deaths. But Comedy Central host Trevor Noah thinks this a great time to mock the Catholic Church for making huge sex-abuse settlements...years ago. Noah showed NBC News footage, with morning host Sheinelle Jones reporting that while a billion dollars has been pledged for the rebuilding of Notre Dame cathedral, protesters are complaining "the needs of the poor are going unmet." Noah suggested the Catholic Church, a billion dolllars is "nothing to three child abuse settlements."

March provided television viewers and streaming platform binge-watchers another heavy dose of Trump hate. At least another 40 separate entertainment programs, on major networks, cable TV, and popular streaming platforms continued their vicious anti-Trump propaganda. What once might have been shocking is all too commonplace for a media in the later stages of Trump Derangement syndrome.