FALSE! Alyssa Milano on CNN: Every Human on the Planet Is Pro-Life, No One Wants Abortion

May 15th, 2019 12:56 PM

CNN host Chris Cuomo began his show on Tuesday night with actress/activist Alyssa Milano -- now hailed by the Washington Post as "the Jane Fonda of the current era." Milano drew loads of attention by lobbying women to have a "sex strike" against men who don't favor abortion on demand. Allegedly Catholic Cuomo mostly pandered to uber-feminist Milano, but when he stated the fact that not all women favor abortion, Milano preposterously claimed everyone is pro-life and no one on Earth wants an abortion.

CHRIS CUOMO: Two points of pushback. The first one is these things now are largely theoretical. They're moving their way through, as we saw in Georgia, many would take -- would start to take effect in 2020, which is, of course, an election year, and you have a lot of women who are pro-life, and in favor of these bills. So, it's not like all women are on the same page about this.

ALYSSA MILANO: Well I don't think there's a human on the planet that is not pro-life. Nobody wants to get an abortion. Nobody. We are all pro- life. But there are circumstances that we cannot avoid. There's the mother's health. There's just not being ready, you know, and what that means financially, and for someone's destiny. This is an economic issue. Just because there are women that don't believe in abortion, don't take away someone else's right. And I have to also say that this will affect the communities of color more than anything, okay?

This is -- I feel like any woman of privilege that lives in one of these states, if this goes through, they're going to be able to travel to a state to get a safe -- [can't say "abortion"?] reproductive healthcare. But for the women of color, for the women that are marginalized, for the women that are low-income communities, the women that are most at risk, this -- these bills are going to be catastrophic.

When Cuomo cranked up his "war on women" blather, Milano really uncorked some silly talk, claiming the Senate appoints judges and the Federalist Society is just as dangerous at the National Rifle Association: 

CUOMO: Now, you see this set of laws as a window into a larger political issue for you heading into 2020, which is a perceived war on women, whether it's equal pay, equal rights to their own bodies. How broad do you see the agenda?

MILANO: Well here's the deal, and I think that this is -- this all goes hand-in-hand. The House has been able in -- in Congress to pass many bills that have been for women's benefits. Mitch McConnell has not had a hearing on one of them -- Violence Against Women Act, the Equal Pay Act, it's incredibly unfortunate, but also really obvious.

Now, I also want to point out that the Senate are the people that actually appoint judges. [They confirm judges, the president appoints.] Trump and McConnell have been able to push through over 100 judges in the lower courts. That is court stacking. And the Federalist Society, this has been a plan for them. In my opinion, the Federalist Society--

CUOMO: It's why elections have consequences.

MILANO: Exactly. And the Federalist Society, to me, is just as dangerous as the NRA. And we can't have a country that functions with a democracy if our courts are skewed and -- and one-sided. So, this is serious. And we need to take four seats back in the Senate. We need to gain four seats in the Senate for that not to happen. So 2020, to me, is not just about the presidency. We have to start thinking about the Senate.

CNN banked on the idea that celebrity activists make for good television, but one could find the opposing view on Twitter: