Cries 'False' When Sinema's Tagged Correctly as Pro-Abortion Extremist

November 11th, 2018 11:34 PM keeps attacking conservative website articles as "False" when the facts favor the conservatives. On November 9, these "fact checkers" tagged as "False" for a headline that said "Arizona Senate Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Voted to Allow Abortions Up to Birth."

Dan MacGuill of Snopes is actually evaluating an October 17 press release by Susan B. Anthony List publicist Mallory Quigley which never used the words "voted to allow abortions up to birth."

When it comes to abortion, Rep. Sinema could not be more out of step with her pro-life constituents. She has voted repeatedly to continue sending tax dollars to the country’s biggest abortion business, Planned Parenthood. She even voted against a compassionate popular measure to stop abortion after five months, a point by which unborn babies can feel pain,” said SBA List’s National Campaign Chair Jill Stanek...

“Kyrsten Sinema is a longtime pro-abortion extremist. As a state legislator, Sinema opposed even modest measures to protect the health and safety of mothers and their preborn children. An ally of the abortion lobby, she’s never been one to even consider supporting common-sense, compassionate regulations on abortion,” said Cathi Herrod, President of CAP Action.

MacGuill never shows where Sinema has voted for anything limiting abortion. It's easily provable that Sinema is "ally of the abortion lobby." She has a lifetime rating of 100 percent from Planned Parenthood, and gets a zero from the National Right to Life Committee. She also routinely gets a 100 percent from NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Instead, his "False" is based on the fact that Sinema resigned from the Arizona Senate before it voted in 2012 on the state "measure to stop abortion after five months." Snopes is playing around with technicalities when it's quite clear that Sinema is a big fan of Planned Parenthood, which advocates abortions....up to birth (and sometimes after birth). In 2011, she emceed a Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona luncheon in Phoenix. 

Sinema also made an "I Choose Planned Parenthood" video in 2012 for the nation's largest abortion conglomerate that's posted on YouTube: 

She proclaims "I think I've been a member of Planned Parenthood's team since I was 18." This should strongly suggest to Snopes where Sinema stood on Arizona abortion restrictions at the time. 

We have rated this "fact-check" by Snopes as Deeply Distorted. For similar analyses, please visit our Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers page.