Post-Roseanne Mockery: ABC's Kimmel Pokes Ted Cruz as 'Grandpa Munster,' Ugly Blobfish

May 30th, 2018 6:27 PM

Hours after ABC cancelled Roseanne Barr’s show over a profoundly racist tweet about top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, severe personal mockery of conservatives was still welcomed. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the ABC host suggested the Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets in the NBA’s Western Conference finals because the Rockets had a bad-luck charm: Ted Cruz. Kimmel mocked his looks, suggesting fans thought it was “Grandpa Munster Bobblehead Night.” Then he said “he looks like a blobfish" -- a species ranked number one on the Ugliest Animals list. 

JIMMY KIMMEL: The Warriors pulled out a come-from-behind win on the road against the Rockets, which had the best record of any team during the regular season. The Rockets missed 27 three-pointers in a row last night, and I think I know why. Look who was in the crowd. [Laughter]

None other than basketball superfan Ted Cruz. Sporting the super-cool T-shirt-over- a-polo look. Can you be embarrassed by a picture of someone else's dad? Because I am. [ Laughter ] When Ted arrived at the Toyota Center, some of the fans mistakenly thought it was Grandpa Munster Bobblehead Night.  I mean, look at him. [ Cheers and applause ] He looks, and I'm not joking here, he looks like a blobfish. He looks just like -- [ Laughter ] Look at that. The new Rockets mascot. It's not that surprising Senator Cruz was at the game. If anyone, anyone knows basketball, it's this guy!

TED CRUZ CAMPAIGN CLIP: You know, the amazing thing is, that basketball ring here in Indiana, it's the same height as it is in New York City.

KIMMEL (dismissively): Basketball ring. Touchdown!

Jimmy Kimmel and his writers/Googlers can't be credited with originality: leftists were doing Cruz as Blobfish in 2015. Try here, or here, or here. The Grandpa Munster joke is also from 2015, if not earlier. The "basketball ring" clip? From 2016. 

Kimmel's jokes are as fresh as a two-year-old bottle of milk.

The facial mockery reminded MRC's Curtis Houck of CBS's Stephen Colbert mocking GOP Sheldon Adelson in 2015 as a "part-time Kuato" (from Total Recall).