ABC's Sunny Hostin: Kellyanne Conway Was 'Really, Really Slimy' to Slam CNN's Dana Bash

On ABC’s The View on Monday, they brought up Kellyanne Conway’s Sunday pushback at CNN’s Dana Bash on State of the Union when she wrapped up the interview by bringing up tweets by Conway’s lawyer husband, George Conway.

Bash asked “I just ask you one question that a lot of people are asking me, probably you too. And that is, what is up with your husband's tweets? Your husband is a very well-respected lawyer, and he's been sending some tweets that have been critical of the administration.”

Conway shot back that Bash wouldn’t ask this question to a man. ”It was meant to harass and embarrass​,​”​ she said. Bash protested it was "meant to be light-hearted." Sure it was. 

Co-host Sara Haines defended the Bash question since George Conway is making statements on Twitter, a public forum. Whoopi Goldberg also took that view. That's a reasonable point, but the question is the liberal media's selective choice of targets. The View didn't do a segment on NBC's Chuck Todd suggesting he shouldn't have to disclose anything his wife does in donating to Democrats or taking large checks from Democrats. 

Co-host Sunny Hostin became hostile, trashing the Trump adviser as "really, really slimy" for arguing with Dana Bash, who is "lovely." 

SUNNY HOSTIN:  He's a power player in D.C. He also represented a lot of the women against Bill Clinton. He represented Paula Jones against Bill Clinton. So when you have someone like that with a political background, a legal background that comes out on Twitter, I think it's perfectly fair game. Dana Bash, I worked with her [at CNN]. She is lovely. She is honest. She's a great journalist and the fact that somehow it was a gotcha question I think is really, really slimy on Kellyanne Conway's part, actually!

JOY BEHAR: And Kellyanne Conway -- [ applause ] If I recall, maybe I'm wrong, she lost no opportunity to talk and discredit the Clintons, Hillary and Bill and his peccadillos from way back. She was right there with that one. So it's really rich to hear how defensive she was.

How is Bill Clinton's adultery and sexual harassment/assault comparable to a few tweets? Meghan McCain turned the table around: 

MEGHAN McCAIN: I think we need to decide are women accountable for our husband's actions?

BEHAR: No, no.

McCAIN: Because It came up in the election a lot with Hillary Clinton, and I know I'm married to a man who's in politics and runs a political website and even before we got married I had a conversation where I was like, our lives, we are always going to have to be sort of asking questions about each other's political beliefs, and what will that mean for our life going forward? And I always say on this show and privately -- we don't speak for each other at all. And I think it's fair to give her that credence. She's a very high-level person. I don't think she should be responsible for her husband's actions, I will say about Dana Bash. Dana Bash was married to a journalist at CNN [John King]. Does she want to be responsible for what he was tweeting?

PS: About a month ago, The View also discussed George Conway's tweets, and Joy Behar said "It's a free country. He can say what he wants." 

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