Humane Society President Pressed on Compassion for...Bugs, Not Babies

June 17th, 2017 8:51 AM

Here was a small item on the Washington Post’s blindness to the humanity of the unborn child. Last Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine carried an interview for their “Just Asking” feature with Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society. Rachel Manteuffel didn’t go easy, pressing Pacelle about meeting with quarterback Michael Vick after he served time for abusing dogs in fatal dogfights. But she also asked him about compassion for….insects.

WASHINGTON POST: Are there humane concerns about insects and fish, if they’re raised for food?

WAYNE PACELLE: I think fish, definitely. They have a central nervous system. Insects is a bridge too far for me. That’s for the next generation to figure out. This is a homocentric cause: We are valuing the characteristics of animals that are similar to humans. But I certainly trap and free spiders in my home.

There’s the Left for you: they are compassionate enough to trap and free spiders, but ripping a baby limb from limb is a sacred “right to choose.”

The online headline for this interview was “The president of the Humane Society doesn’t worry about insects.” And neither side of this exercise worries about abortion…unless it’s preciously preserving it. 

PS: The Humane Society actually does promote love and care for the "beneficial" insects, the "smallest of wild neighbors,"  scorning the use of pesticides and "mindlessly mowing" what should be a "life-friendly lawn": 

Despite our battles with a few troublesome insect species, the overriding truth is that we simply could not get by without the help of our many insect friends—and they add infinite interest and beauty to the world. Make the small effort to maintain a healthy backyard where a diversity of insects can abound, and the beneficial ones will keep the others in check for you.