Hammer Time? Jimmy Fallon Imagines What Hillary Clinton Would Say About E-Mails as 'Siri' App

On Thursday night, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon came on late on the East Coast due to the first NFL game airing on NBC. But Fallon did offer a funny bit about how they may offer new voices on the Siri app. First, he had an Obama impersonator give him the weather forecast: “The current temperature is a a perfect 76 degrees and sunny here on the beach where I am. I got no idea what it is where you are.”

But when he turned to the Hillary Clinton voice, the e-mail satire was unleashed:

FALLON: Here's one that sounds like Hillary Clinton. Siri, can you help me organize my e-mails? [ Ding ]

FAKE HILLARY VOICE: E-mails successfully deleted. [Fake Hillary laughter.] Now, would you like me to destroy your phone with a hammer?

FALLON: No, I don't!

That's a bit shocking from the late-night forum for Barack Obama and Michelle Obama promotions.

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