Ha Ha? In Mock Job Interview, Hillary and Jimmy Fallon Share Snickers About Her E-mail Scandal

Trey Sanchez at Truth Revolt broke down Hillary’s Clinton’s Thursday appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. There was a serious section on the campaign, but there was also a whimsical “job interview.” When asked why she wanted to be president, Hillary uncorked a bottle of platitudes.

But Fallon ended with a joke about if there was an e-mail she could be reached at, and they both had a good laugh. This is only funny if you don’t care about her recklessness with classified information, and think it’s silly for anyone to care about this scandal.

Her “why do you want this job” answer was “Because I really care about what happens to our country. It means a lot to me to make sure that we keep producing good opportunities for people, help everybody have a chance to live up their God-given potential. There’s more we can do, and I want to try and make that happen for everybody.

She acknowledge to Fallon that the race with Bernie Sanders is now “tight,” and argued that her long dominance of the polls in 2015 was “really artificial.” She claimed it was all exciting, and "This is not a job they give away. You really do have to work hard for it and it is the hardest job in the world, so I get up every day and go right at it.”

Fallon said Sanders was endorsed by Ben and Jerry’s, so Hillary was proud to announce her endorsement by the nation’s leading killer of unborn children:

I got endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund on Sunday. That was a big deal. [Applause] Because I believe so strongly that we have to fight against these efforts to undermine and demonize the work that Planned Parenthood does. And they know that I'll fight for them and that's exactly what I intend to do.

She also mentioned being endorsed by the Brady Campaign because she backs “common sense gun-safety measures” as much as she supports “women’s access to all of their health care.” She said "I'm just honored to have the support of people whose causes mean a lot to me.”

Hillary, just like Obama, pretended she doesn’t really watch Republican debates, maybe just fast-forwards through them with her husband.  

"You'll do anything to not watch the Republican debates?" Fallon asked.

"I think you nailed that," Clinton replied.

Fallon then suggested a drinking game: every time the Republicans mention you, "do a shot."

"I don't think I'd make it past the first half hour," Clinton deadpanned.

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