CBS Star Oozes That 'Gloria Steinem Is My Beauty Icon'

The May 5 edition of People is focused on “50 Most Beautiful” people, but also has a pictorial titled “Hot Right Now: 10 buzzworthy stars talk about everything from their geeky pasts to who they look up to as beauty icons.”

CBS “The Good Wife” star Julianna Margulies is pictured in a red gown and talks about how she wears a wig on her show rather than have to force stylists to straighten her own hair every day. But in white text over her red gown is gooey praise for radical feminist Gloria Steinem:

It reads "Gloria Steinem is my beauty icon. She's smart, beautiful and fearless."

Margulies, who starred at a New York fundraiser for Obama in 2012, was featured along with Steinem in a 2012 YouTube ad for Women for Obama:

From January: Steinem rants against patriarchy, religion, and gendered pronouns

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