MSNBC's Wagner Brings on Lizz Winstead and Sarah Silverman to Trash Apparently Sex-Hating Pro-Lifers

MSNBC's furor over Mike Huckabee's remarks on women and the Democrats boiled over on "Now with Alex Wagner" on Thursday afternoon. Radical feminist "comedians" Sarah Silverman and Lizz Winstead were promoted once again for their "V to Shining V" crusade for "Lady Parts Justice" -- that is, untrammeled abortion, the full Gosnell. (See previous promotional segment here.)

“It’s so bizarre,” Silverman said about Huckabee's remarks, smelling careerism and  insincerity. “When a politician is speaking on behalf of those people who are pulling their strings, for their purse and for their, um, the betterment of their career, it’s gross. I’m just an actress and when I speak out politically it does not help my career at all.” Silverman babbled and rambled about how sperm can smell, leaving Lizz Winstead to look like the articulate side of the Left.

“We have to stop feeding into this narrative that it’s somehow awful to be a sexual being, to enjoy your sexuality, to want to be responsible with your sexuality," said Winstead, constructing the usual MSNBC straw man.

Winstead got personal: “You know what. I actually enjoy sex; and I like to protect myself so I don’t get pregnant, because I have looked inside myself after many years on Earth and said ‘You know what? I’d be an awful mother.’ And so to prevent that from happening to the world around us, I think I’ll use birth control."

Winstead is now liberated and 52.

When it came to pro-lifers, Winstead summed up: "I guess what they’re trying to prove over and over again that their sex lives are so miserable that they’re going to try and do everything in their power to just beat the drum of repression. I don’t know what else to say."

Wagner began the show in completely fem-botic exaggeration: "Just when you thought the Republican Party’s open antagonism toward women and their reproductive organs couldn’t get any more hostile, hours ago, talk show host, former governor, and failed presidential candidate Mike Huckabee took it upon himself to 'mansplain' to the women of America how one party wants to tame their wild libidos.”

Notice how Wagner loves to pretend there aren't actually any Republican women, who apparently have an open antagonism to their own reproductive organs. Wagner was certainly playing games with Huckabee’s actual speech, which she called “downright terrifying.”

But that's nothing compared to Wagner pretending there's nothing noticeable eliminated in an abortion. (Here we go again, Liberals For Science!) Wagner also claimed that more people die in colonoscopies than in abortion, so she asked "Why isn't there an anti-colonoscopy lobby?" This graphic appeared on screen:

In small type underneath, don't miss "SOURCE: ROLLING STONE." It doesn't say "You can get all your pot supplies and your MSNBC stats in the same place."

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