NY Times 'Dot Earth' Blogger Draws Cartoon of Christmas Trees Tying a Man to the Car Top

December 2nd, 2013 1:20 PM

Environmentalists prefer plants and animals to humans. The latest proof? Through a panicky global-warming tweet from Think Progress blaring "Floods and heat cause mass Christmas Tree deaths," I came across a new cartoon drawn by veteran New York Times environmental reporter-turned-"Dot Earth" blogger Andrew Revkin.

Revkin had several pine trees driving a car with a balding white guy tied to the car top. "What would the next few weeks be like if the trees had a holiday for a change?"

It matched commenters like this one: "Time for necessary change, perhaps. More trees, fewer people."

But commenter Kip Hansen added this:

Cute but silly and anti-environmentalist.

Nearly 100% of Christmas Trees are commercially farmed, adding about 75 million new young growing trees each year in North America alone. These young vigorously growing trees gobble up the most CO2.

About 40 million cut trees and another 40 million live trees are sold each year. Each of my family's homes have been enhanced by the planting of beautiful Scots pine and White Spruce (all with a few stubborn pieces of tinsel showing in the branches) one each year.

The planting, growing, and harvesting of young pine and spruce trees, and the enabling of planting of live trees, can only make the world a better place.

To bemoan the cutting of Christmas Trees makes no more sense than mourning when one cuts one's lawn, sees a fresh mown hay field or eats a sandwich (for which some wheat plant gave its life).